St. Louis native Pokey LaFarge delivered lively performance at Roots N Blues

LaFarge entertained the crowed through combining nostalgic lyrics with traditional roots music.


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Hailing from St. Louis, Pokey LaFarge took the stage at Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival on Saturday to perform a set filled with character and classic folk music.

Known for his lively music and quirky aesthetic, LaFarge has accumulated a significant following since he began releasing music in 2006.

Leslie Shaw was in attendance at Saturday’s show. Shaw has been listening to LaFarge for six years.

“They’re authentic and different than anything you hear around this area,” she said.

This idea was demonstrated during his set. LaFarge delivered an enlivened performance alongside his band. They provided the crowd with energy and excitement.

Before performing his song “Silent Movie,” LaFarge took the opportunity to address the recent social unrest that took place in St. Louis.

“Even though we are always on the road, we stand with the people who are out there marching peacefully in the streets of St. Louis,” he said.

Matt Meyer, the drummer for LaFarge’s band, said the best part about performing at the festival is the crowd.

“They really dig roots music and blues music, and it’s just cool to be around,” he said. “It’s such a good lineup, and it’s an honor to be here. It just feels good to be up there.”

Meyer said he was excited to be playing alongside rock musician and singer-songwriter Marshall Crenshaw.

Between the up-tempo music and LaFarge’s lively stage presence, there was no question LaFarge contributed to the quality of the overall festival with his riveting performance and catchy tunes.

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