Mangosteen enters the local music scene with the release of 'Planets'

The Columbia-based band released its debut record on April 28.

By Gracie Sands | May 6, 2017

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Local band Mangosteen released its first full-length album titled Planets on April 28, debuting the record later that night at Rose Music Hall. The band is no stranger to the venue, having taken the stage numerous times alongside other local favorites such as Jenny Teator & the Fevers and The Motel Brothers.

Being a large name in a small music scene, Mangosteen has gained popularity over the years and a lot of experience since graduating from the MU jazz program.

Planets stays true to Mangosteen’s original jazz and jam-influenced sound, except for the fact that it is much more polished and professional. The album starts off with the track "Be da Bo," featuring a driving bass line and some funky guitar that accompany the distinct vocals of lead singer and drummer Spencer Westphalen.

The lyrics of each track revolve around space, creating a sense of unity among the sound of the album. Also featured in the album is the track "She's a Lady," the band’s breakout hit that was originally released in 2016 and helped launch it to the forefront of the Columbia music scene.

Later in the album is the song "Space Booty," a track that clearly shows the band is having fun creating music. It comes across throughout the album that the band does not take themselves too seriously.

The last track, titled "A Walk on the Brighter Side," closes the album on a slower note but perfectly sums it up as a whole. Despite the fact that it lacks the driving beat of previous tracks, it conveys a certain level of emotion that draws people in and leaves them wanting more. Much like the rest of the album, the track starts off with a line played by one instrument that is eventually layered by the rest of the band. This gives Mangosteen the opportunity to feature each instrument, all of which have a very unique sound and style that is evident throughout the album.

Overall, Planets is an album that is worth listening to. Even though Mangosteen is a local band, its sound is groovy enough that it could reach audiences on a much larger scale. From the beginning to the end, Planets features musicianship that embodies everything the album is about and shows that Mangosteen is only just getting started.

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