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Know Before You Go: Cafe Berlin to host Xenia Rubinos

Local group MAZ Blanko and Hungry Foxes are joining Rubinos.

By Cassie Allen | March 21, 2017

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Celebrate your stay-cation with a concert over spring break.

The lowdown

Bringing soul-punk to Columbia, Cafe Berlin is hosting Xenia Rubinos, MAZ Blanko and Hungry Foxes on March 30. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are only $10.

The artists

Brooklyn artist Xenia Rubinos is a voice to be reckoned with. She created her first album, Magic Trix, with the help of drummer Marco Buccelli and bassist Adam Minkoff and released another album, Black Terry Cat, in June 2016.

MAZ Blanko is a four-piece band out of Columbia. The group produces beats both commercially as a business and for their own music.

Hungry Foxes, aka Hanna Albina, is a singer out of Kansas City. Her music is full of folk and sass and the oldest sample on her BandCamp, named “step by step guide to getting over your ex,” is great.

Noteworthy tunes

“Help” by Xenia Rubinos

Off her 2013 LP Magic Trix, this song starts out with strong vocals from Xenia Rubinos herself, and Marco Buccelli joins on the drums to give an extra kick to the song. This album also incorporates both Spanish and English.

“If We’re Telling Secrets” by MAZ Blanko

MAZ Blanko definitely impressed me with this song. Their style is in contrast with the soulful blues of Xenia Rubinos and has a more popular rhythm and blues sound. The lyrics are also strong, one of my favorites being, “I remember when I used to waste time.”

“Melt” by Hungry Foxes

Albina’s music is full of character and is a pleasure to listen to. “Melt” has a sweet melody and sad, love song lyrics like, “But with you, I feel like I don’t have to try to fit into some shape that’s unattainable for me to make.”

If you like these, try:

“We Can Hurt Together” by Sia

This song is emotional and pairs well with the styling of Hungry Foxes. While Sia is a fairly well-known artist, this song came out at the beginning of the year and hasn’t gotten much attention.

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” cover by Regina Spektor

Anything and everything by Regina Spektor is sure to spark my interest, but upon hearing Xenia Rubinos, this cover really stuck out to me. Spektor is an abstract artist, and this song is no exception, despite being a cover.

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