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Know Before You Go: Cafe Berlin to host a mixed-genre show Friday

Paddlefish and Enemy Airship will join Shana Falana.

By Cassie Allen | March 15, 2017

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Get dreamy with Shana Falana and (sham)rock out with Paddlefish this St. Patrick’s Day.

The lowdown

Cafe Berlin is hosting dream-pop band Shana Falana on Friday. Tickets for the show are just $5, which is a great deal for three bands. The show starts at 8 p.m., and doors open 30 minutes before the show.

The artists

Shana Falana, the self-titled band of Shana Falana and drummer Michael Amari, is a genre-mixing, dream-pop band out of Kingston, New York. Falana has been writing music since college. She started working on her most recent albums when she was recovering from a workplace elevator accident, in which she lost part of her finger. Check out her band’s Spotify here:

Paddlefish, out of Springfield, Missouri, is a four-member rock band that pulls influence from the Talking Heads and Television.

Enemy Airship is a local band that mixes indie, rock and pop together in its visceral music. The three-member group formed in 2011, and its most recent EP, Smithereens, was released in May 2015.

Noteworthy tunes

Cloudbeats by Shana Falana

“Cloudbeats” is something you daydream to. It has a more pop-based sound than some of the band’s other music but still has a dreamy vibe. Compared to its other tracks, this song is fairly short at just under five minutes, so it’s a great place to start.

“Ocean” by Shana Falana

This long song is smooth and relaxing. It’s one of those movie soundtrack songs that invokes memories of summertime. The album, Here Comes the Wave is good for studying, too.

Jerry by Paddlefish

This song is presumably named after Jerry Seinfeld from the show “Seinfeld,” who was on the cover of their first demo, Love Me Lovely. This indie-rock song would be exciting live.

False Economy by Enemy Airship

This song is reminiscent of classic alternative rock, as Enemy Airship nails all aspects, with unique instrumentals and vocals that seem to connect to you as you listen.

If you like these, try:

Liability by Lorde

This song came out just in time for this concert. Shana Falana’s “Ocean” has many of the same mellow characteristics as Lorde’s new song. For more of this, check out details of her newest album Melodrama here.

Luca by Brand New

The lyrics of this song are full of feeling, and Brand New shares some of the same genres with Shana Falana, Paddlefish and Enemy Airship but mixes ethereal sound with harder rock.

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