Fashionably Late: Outfits you’ll see at a concert

The good, the bad and the so-so.

By Regina Anderson | Feb. 25, 2016

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Concerts are the perfect place to fashion-watch. I recently went to a Troye Sivan concert and got to witness the range of styles and people that appear at a show of that magnitude.

From the young 14-year-olds who camped overnight to get to the front of the venue to the bitter 20-somethings trying to see past the sea of children from the bar, there was a wide variety of outfits to see.

I feel that my ideas of concert outfits have been changed recently, though, considering that at the last concert I went to, I wore a giant poster board on my back. But this isn’t about my own concert attire, this is about everyone else you see at a concert:

The Overdresser We’ve all witnessed this type of person in one way or another. They tend to wear heels and have their hair and makeup done. Their black skinny jeans and chiffon tops are way too nice for this type of venue, but they didn’t know what they were getting into until they arrived at the doors. I say Godspeed to their poor feet that have to spend the entire night standing in just-a-little-too-tight stilettos.

The Sensible Parent Who Got Dragged to the Concert Easily spotted in the crowd with their crossed arms and practical tennis shoes, the sensible parent is often dressed for a hike rather than a concert. The parents probably were coerced by their children into letting the kids go to a concert they really shouldn’t be going to at their age. Often wearing all black, a vest and forming a perimeter around their children, they look more like Secret Service agents than parents.

The Teens with a Tumblr Red plaid, white Converse and leggings. They look like they just walked out of an aesthetic Tumblr dream, but they’re also characterized by braces and the remains of puberty acne. Their enthusiasm can be overwhelming at times, but the important thing to remember that in a few years or so, they’ll look back at their outfits in regret, just as you did in middle school (and let’s be real, high school, too).

The Salty Quarter Crisis-ers These types of people are harder to spot but worth finding because they are more entertaining than most anybody else in the venue. They’re outfits are still stylish just not in the Tumblr way, more of the Seventeen Magazine way. They’re just a bit behind the trends, but most likely because they’re in college and want to save money.

The Merch-Happy Fan They bought the artist’s shirt right as they walked in the doors. Maybe they even purchased it online beforehand. Either way, they are ready to wear it as soon as they can, even if that means wearing layers and sweating more than they should in a place so packed with people. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope they put on deodorant.

The I-Didn’t-Change-Or-Shower-Today-Which-Is-Gross-But-I-Didn’t-Have-Time Person Oh, that’s just me? OK.

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