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Clear your schedule: you have Hallmark holiday movies to watch

Even though these movies are cheesy, we promise they’re pretty “Gouda.”

By Rebekah Komer | Dec. 7, 2016

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I hope you’re not lactose intolerant, because Hallmark is cranking out the cheesiest movies of the holiday season. But does cheesy necessarily mean bad? Decide for yourself. We’ve ranked the top Hallmark movies that are almost always worth the watch. We hope you’ll have a “Gouda” break binge-watching.

1) A Dog Named Christmas: This movie is a Hallmark classic and a must-watch this holiday season (especially for the dog lovers out there). It’s about how a boy who suffers from a learning disability convinces his father to adopt a dog over the holidays through an “adopt a dog for Christmas” program at the animal shelter. The catch: his dad says they have to return the dog as soon as the holidays are over.

2) A Heavenly Christmas: If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming show that’ll make you question everything you’ve done so far in life, this is the movie for you. Along with that, it’s a classic Hallmark romance. This movie follows a young career-driven woman who dies in an unexpected accident and becomes a “Christmas angel.” (I know, how “Hallmark” can you get?)

3) Christmas in Conway: Break out the tissues, because if you’re like me, you’ll need them to watch this heart-wrenching movie about a man who builds a Ferris wheel for his ill wife. If you thought you were emotionally unstable now, just wait till after you watch. Turn down the lights if you’re watching with friends so you can hide your tears.

4) November Christmas: Don’t put those tissues away just yet, because November Christmas will have you going back for round two. A father speeds up the holiday season for his daughter who is fighting cancer. His family and the town come together to celebrate an early Halloween and Christmas, so she won’t miss out on any magic. If you’re crying already, it’s okay — I won’t judge.

5) The Nine Lives of Christmas: Cat lovers unite! If the title didn’t already give it away, this movie is focused on our feisty felines (which can never be a bad thing). If you plan on watching this rom-com, be prepared for countless awkward encounters and cringe-worthy moments. Hey, nobody said falling in love was going to be smooth sailing.

6) A Very Merry Mix-Up: This movie features the holiday plot twist of our generation, but you’ll have to watch to discover it. The most information I can give you is that there are two people who like each other but are torn separate ways. If it’s any consolation, it’s my favorite Hallmark movie, so I would strongly recommend you watch.

7) Once Upon a Holiday: Let’s be honest, it’s not the holidays at Hallmark without watching a movie about a princess. This movie mixes it up a bit with a girl who’s already a princess instead of the normal girl who just becomes one. But apparently being royalty isn’t all it's cut out to be, because this princess decides to run away and hide her identity. The genre? Of course, a wonderful Hallmark rom-com.

8) A December Bride: If you thought your last breakup was bad, then you have a lot in common with main character Layla. Her soon-to-be husband ditched her for her cousin, and if you’re not cringing already, then I’m not sure what to tell you. Watch disaster unfold as she enters a fake engagement as part of the “mourning process.”

9) Every Christmas Has a Story: Of course, Hallmark has made a movie for everyone — even us journalism students. Spoiler alert: Apparently, it is possible to be a journalist and fall in love. Who knew? Two broadcast journalists are sent to a small town after Lori (Becky from Full House) accidently says she doesn’t really like Christmas on air. Their mission: for Lori to show her viewers that she does have some Christmas spirit.

10) My Christmas Dream: A cute kid, a plot that has to do with Paris and some romance in the mix? Don’t mind if I do. Prep yourself for countless “awwwhhhhss” coming from the audience as an adorable little boy meddles with his father’s love life. Hint, hint — he’s pretty darn good at it, too.

11) Journey Back to Christmas: Someone better bring the cheese platter, because Candace Cameron Bure is at it again. This time she mistakenly travels to 2016 as a World War II-era nurse. If you can’t already tell, the plot is everywhere, but it’s worth the watch just to see D.J. Tanner (Cameron) all grown up and making Christmas magic happen. Follow her as she tries to travel back to her era in a desperate attempt to be with her husband again.

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