Eat, drink, and be scary: How to host a spook-tacular Halloween party

Follow these guidelines and creep it real to have a perfect Halloween party.

By Cassie Allen | Oct. 26, 2016


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Having your own space for Halloween this year means that you and your roommates can be creative with what you want to do for a Halloween party. Instead of going out, learn how to host your own party with these eight tips.

Display your Halloween pride

Have at least one great decorative piece. For Halloween, this can be a creatively carved pumpkin or fake spiderwebs from Target. Either way, make sure everyone can see them, no matter where in your space they are. If your Halloween decor is hidden away, your party loses the spooky feel.


It’s important to serve at least two types of drinks. If you want to go the alcoholic route, make sure you have an equally yummy but nonalcoholic alternative. Check out MOVE’s Pinterest board for drinks you can serve your guests. And as always, make sure you have ice in the freezer. A cold drink or hot cider are great ways to make your friends feel at home.

Eating is key

When inviting over friends for a long time, having food is a must. For this party, I suggest having three types of food: —The quick food you snack on all night (like these perfect pumpkin seeds or these ghostly pretzels). —A first-come, first-serve food that makes your friends ask for your recipe (like these filled jalapeno mummies). —A food that can be kept warm for every guest, late or early (like this chicken boo-dle soup).

If you want more ideas, check out this Pinterest board of eight Halloween recipes.

Avoid boredom

You can invite as many guests as you want, but having at least four things planned for the number of people you expect over is important. You can have a party that’s an intimate gathering with two movies, a popcorn bar and pumpkin-carving, or you can host a big gathering with three different playlists, a costume contest and a Halloween version of flip cup. Keeping people occupied and happy without forcing structure allows for a fun way to keep your guests entertained.

It’s the little things

Make sure your guests feel welcome by including the Wi-Fi password and where the bathroom is for anyone who hasn’t been to your place. Also, to avoid stress, be sure to give your guests ample notice of when your party will be. Around five days would work. No one has to make decisions early, but giving your friends options make it easier for them to plan out their festivities on Halloween.

More is best

Depending on the scale of your party, allow for enough plastic cups or glasses, plates and silverware. If you’re not serving plated food, make sure you have plenty of napkins and that the trash can is visible. This makes cleanup the next day much faster. Don’t forget, it’s unlikely your friends will only use one cup. Make sure there are extras, especially for a big party, so no one searches the cabinets to get those nice cups you only use when your parents come visit.


Always be sure to have places for your guests to sit. The worst thing about crowded parties is that no matter how long you’re there, you feel uncomfortable standing around while everyone else is sitting. Make sure that if you’re having a relatively small party, every guest will be able to sit somewhere, either on a couch, at a table or on a bench you drag from your room. The more space you have to relax, the less likely someone is to spill the drinks in the kitchen.

Don’t forget yourself

Lastly, make sure you have fun. It’s important to make sure everyone feels welcome at your place, but if you’re not also having fun, the party is a bust. Have fun, invite people you actually like, and be sure to keep it spooky.

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