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I decided a Shakespearean sonnet would be the most appropriate way to present my review of Columbia’s two downtown pizza shops. Hark! – to Shakespeare’s Pizza apologists: fight me.

Shall I compare Shakespeare’s to Pizza Tree?

I went thither to Shakespeare’s short-term spot

Methinks I’d try it – I paid dollars three

But liking it? I found that I could not.

A slice of classic cheese was put to test

The crust was bad, the flavors were not strong

So if thou thinkest Shakespeare’s is the best

There’s just one thing to say then: thou art wrong.

Henceforth to Pizza Tree – the best to eat

The Margherita’s cheese and zesty sauce

Are topped with basil – it’s a unique treat

Like other daring pizzas from the boss.

Shakespeare’s doth not deserve thy credit card

For now you gotta Pizza Party Hard (Y’all)

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