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The Schwag is bringing good vibes to CoMo

The Schwag, a Grateful Dead cover band, comes to CoMo for an outdoor show.

By Corin Cesaric | Aug. 29, 2015

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The Schwag has been together for 24 years and has played over 3,000 shows, so there is no doubt that CoMo has a well-experienced band coming their way and plenty of good vibes as well.

The Schwag is a band formed by four musicians who strive to keep the spirit of the Grateful Dead alive. It includes Jimmy Tebeau on lead vocals and bass, Sean Allen Canan on guitar and vocals, Dan Ingenthron on keyboard and vocals and Dave Clark on the drums.

In 1989, Tebeau saw the Grateful Dead for the first time and he was instantly drawn to them.

“I was amazed at what music could do, ya know?” Tebeau says. “With the Grateful Dead, it’s more than what you see and hear but it’s what you feel.”

Tebeau also played bass for The Jerry Garcia Band for four years before he was a part of The Schwag.

Each member has been involved in other bands and musical projects, but by 1991, The Schwag was formed. Their performances have been focused around the Grateful Dead ever since.

“We have a good time … we keep doing it,” Tebeau says.

Their main goal is to perpetuate the vibes and energy of the Grateful Dead, and they want the audience to take away that energy in hopes of affecting their lives in a positive way, just as the Grateful Dead affected theirs.

“It’s the performance and what we get out of it emotionally that keeps us driving to do it; it’s just so fulfilling energy wise and emotionally,” Tebeau says.

Until recently, The Schwag hosted their own music festival for many years known as Schwagstock, and they drew in about 5,000 people for each show. Two years later, Schwagstock is back this time in Leasburg, Missouri, at Ozark Outdoors on Sept. 11 and 12.

Fun Fact: The first official Schwagstock was held north of Columbia in 1998.

For the upcoming show in Columbia, Tebeau says that the audience can expect some of the standard hits, but also some “obscure tunes” and “organic, deep jams.”

The music industry is not easy and The Schwag has had their ups and downs, but at the end of the day, Tebeau says that it is all worth it.

“When we get up on stage and we create that energy and there’s that vibe and the crowd is cheering there’s nothing else like it to us,” Tebeau says. “We’re living the American dream.”

The Schwag will be playing at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29 at Forest Rose Park.

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