Sartorial Sara: Nod to the '90s

Your junior high fashion wasn’t so far off after all.

By Sara Driscoll | April 7, 2015

Tags: Fashion


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Chokers, scrunchies and jelly sandals: my 12-year-old self’s closet, or today’s trends? The answer is both. On campus and on the runway, fashion is getting a major #TBT all the way back to the '90s.

Designers such as Brandy Melville and stores like PacSun are using social media forums and retro filters to capture the essence of this new wave of '90s fashion. If you need some fashion inspiration, or fash-piration as I like to call it, check out those two Instagrams.

On campus, I’ve spotted plaid wrapped around the waist of denim shorts, but I have a feeling we will see even more nods to the '90s this spring.

Topanga Lawrence from “Boy Meets World” sported some high waisted shorts, and Joey Potter of “Dawson’s Creek” loved her solid, fitted tops. '90s chicks knew how to get a cute, comfortable fashion fix. Crop tops, skater skirts, knee socks and Converse are the perfect ode to the ensemble of the decade. Oversized plaid has worked its way into the closets of many, and the grunge look isn’t stopping there. Leather booties and acid wash denim complete the distressed, yet distinguished, look.

Baby doll dresses and Doc Martens are a pair as seamless as Rachel and Monica. Light and chic but still a little bit dressy, this look works in both solids and stripes. Toss a fabulous fringe bag on your shoulder, and you’ve got yourself a look that is both festival chic and classroom appropriate.

As for what’s trending on top, half topknots are in. I tried this in the mirror on Monday for about a half an hour, and it didn’t really work out. Maybe that’s because it was Monday, or maybe I am just hair-styling inept. But I encourage you to try it and rock it. Most major magazines are wrapping up the hair on the heads of models and celebs, and it’s looking pretty chic.

There you have it. What’s old is new and what’s new is '90s, or something like that. Raid the closet of your former self to give your current self the '90s look. This look didn’t quite work when you were 12, but will definitely work now. I’m trying to track down the dozens of black chokers and funky scrunchies my adolescent self hoarded at home.

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