Photo of local Columbia band Ray Wild.

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Managers and artists bond over common goal

Greenlight Management works with student bands.

By Maddi Doering | April 14, 2015

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A lamppost bears a concert bill for The Rollups at The Bridge. The middle of Speakers Circle is where a chalk drawing promotes the release of Ray Wild’s debut EP. These promotions and concerts are no accidents — they are planned by Greenlight Management. Like the bands it represent, Greenlight is a student-run organization.

On the management side

Greenlight was started by four MU students as a way to manage several artists around the Columbia area. The students met through common ground and interest in the music world, and they formed the idea for the company.

The group is composed of Caroline Hall, Lindsey Ralls, Spencer Westphalen and Ethan Wilson.

“There’s a general set of responsibilities throughout Greenlight, but everyone has their strengths and weaknesses or areas of focus,” Wilson says. “I’m more creative than I am business so I tend to stick to things like graphic design, creative direction or networking among other things.”

When a member of Greenlight hears a new artist that the group may want to manage, the four discuss the possibility together, regardless of sound.

“Greenlight Management has a focus on music within the sphere of rock-alternative with the exception of Rachel Mallin who has a sort of indie-pop vibe,” Wilson says.

Greenlight manages Ray Wild, Dangerfield and The Rollups. The company also works alongside solo artists like Mallin.

For the bands it manages, Greenlight also books gigs and designs and sells merchandise.

Wilson says that he hopes that “all music entities can co-exist within that dynamic wherever Greenlight and its individual members end up in the future.”

On the band side

The bands of Greenlight all joined in different ways.

“We got signed with Greenlight when we toured with Dangerfield, another band they represent,” Ray Wild drummer Tom Hipchen says. “They asked us to sign after the tour. They have booked countless shows and interviews. They handle a ton of press-related stuff. They’re really good at promotion, and they’re just fun to be around.”

Greenlight Management represents a close-knit community between the individuals of the management team and the artists, bound by a common interest and career goal.

“They believe in us just as much, if not more, than we believe in ourselves,” Hipchen says. “They are all very driven and motivated. Saying they’re intense is an understatement. It's very obvious that they care, and they don’t have to say it.”

With Greenlight's help, Ray Wild bassist Ari Shellist says, the band is just getting started.

“We are finally getting a small following of dedicated fans in Columbia,” Shellist says. “We bring our own individuality to everything we do. Ray Wild is a tribe. We’re just an honest group of guys who like to rock the hell out on stage. We connect with the audiences we play for and it doesn’t stop until we get off the stage.”

Greenlight plans for Ray Wild to hit the road this summer and to tour as much as they can before the new school year starts. They are also working on a new single.

“It’s become pretty apparent recently that the best way for us to achieve our goals is to work together and spread the love and message of Ray Wild,” Shellist says.

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