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Downtown CoMo offers a variety of music venues to satisfy different musical tastes.


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Trying to find something to do? Downtown Columbia has a plethora of music venues for you to check out.

There are a wide variety of music venues, each with their own claim to fame, for you to check out here.

The Blue Note Columbia's most well-known concert venue is located on N. Ninth St. It’s been around since the 1980s and moved to its current location in 1991. The Blue Note has a general occupancy of 835.

The Blue Note tries to create a fun, comfortable and memorable atmosphere for its patrons. It is known to book a wide variety of musical acts covering almost every genre of music known to man. You don’t have to worry about diversifying your music taste on your own, The Blue Note will help you out with that.

Rose Music Hall Formerly Mojo’s, Rose Music Hall got its new name from a local writer and musician, who is also the namesake of the nearby park Forrest Rose, due to his influence on CoMo’s music scene. You may or may not know that Rose Music Hall and The Blue Note are closely intertwined as both have the same owner and generally coordinate together.

Rose Music Hall is a smaller venue compared to its counterpart, with a capacity of only 200.

Generally, Rose Music Hall tries to create a similar atmosphere as The Blue Note by also booking a wide variety of musical acts for its performances.

The Bridge Stationed at E. Walnut St., this gem has been around for roughly four years.

Generally, it sees between 50 to 200 customers during a performance.

The Bridge tries to create a comfortable atmosphere while also having great acoustics for the performances, which ties into its motto, “A venue built by musicians for musicians.” For that reason it tries to book the best acts it can find, so there is a great variety of performances.

Another tidbit about this venue is that you can stream live shows from its website, for those who wanted to attend but couldn’t. Additionally, The Bridge has a playlist on its website that has songs from upcoming acts so you can familiarize yourself.

Café Berlin This is another small venue here in CoMo as general performance attendance is around 25-150 people, depending on who is performing.

Cafe Berlin’s goal is to serve the most affordable drinks in CoMo and to do its best to bring great music acts that are affordable for every demographic. Cafe Berlin has become more known to host more indie type of bands and performers such as DESTRUCTION UNIT, The Gooch Palms and Jack Grelle. So, if you are in the market to listen to some country, bluegrass, alternative, lo-fi or even punk music, Cafe Berlin is the place to go.

Roxy’s The self-proclaimed “partiest bar in CoMo” is located on E. Broadway in downtown Columbia. After its Monday trivia nights, it’s a music-palooza. Roxy’s has a wide variety of acts covering many different music genres and it tries to create a party-like environment for its customers.

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