Five-song playlist: The Breakup

Here are five potential breakup songs.


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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day to celebrate love, but for some, it’s simply a reminder of the heartache that comes after a breakup. To avoid the loneliness, MOVE has you covered with our top five breakup songs for any mood.

“Twenty Years” –– Augustana (2008)

Your heart feels like it’s melting out of your chest and nothing seems to make you smile anymore. This is one of those kinds of breakups that has you sitting facedown in a pile of pillows alone on a weekend. But don’t be alone in your misery, because misery loves company. Wallow in your sadness with Augustana.

“Miserable At Best” –– Mayday Parade (2007)

After a bad breakup, we resort back to the person we once were, even if it means going all the way back to our middle school and freshman year of high school selves. The best way to do this is by dipping into your old CD collection to dig out some Mayday Parade and All Time Low.

“Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me” –– Hunter Hayes (2011)

There’s nothing like being reminded you just went through a breakup like being your friend’s third wheel on the most romantic day of the year. But it’s okay, because Hunter Hayes wants you know that he understands the pain.

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” –– Taylor Swift (2012)

There’s pretty much a Taylor Swift breakup song for any and every emotion you could go through. We chose the best of the best, though: her chart-topping “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Some breakups happen for a reason and this song speaks for those. There’s no going back once you’ve cut the toxic relationship from your life.

“Yesterday” –– The Beatles (1965)

It’s hard not to feel a sense of nostalgia for lost loves, but moving on doesn’t have to be painful. You can move on from your past by revisiting music from the past. The Beatles’ classic song “Yesterday” softens the blow as an acoustic ballad tribute to the grieving process.

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