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I've got MOVE to keep me warm

Check out our suggestions to repurpose your summer wardrobe for the winter.

By Regina Anderson | Dec. 1, 2015

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As the weather is getting colder, you may be wondering what to do with all the clothes taking up extra closet space. With these few essentials, you are guaranteed to stay warm and stylish, while making the most of your summer faves.

Tights Tights are the go-to item to warm up your wardrobe in the winter. Wear them with a dress or skirt to keep your legs warm when walking around in the cold. If you’re feeling edgy, throw them on under a pair of shorts. If you’re worried that you won’t be warm enough, sweater tights are always a nice alternative. Pair the pattern from the sweater tights with a dress and you’ve got a great outfit for the winter. My go-to place to get tights is Target because it tends to have a lot of options and is cheaper than other places.

Cardigans My No. 1 most-used item in the winter are cardigans. Cardigans are a great thing to throw over a concert T-shirt that you got over the summer, or any T-shirt for that matter. They keep you warm while still letting you rock your extensive short-sleeve collection. I love wearing longer cardigans with my favorite T-shirt, leggings and boots for a warm and comfortable look.

Scarves I never realized how cold my neck was until I started wearing scarves. They are great for adding variety to any outfit and keeping you warm because it’s easy to get more than one for a low price. Patterned or plain, infinity or classic, adding scarves to an old outfit revamps it and gives it a new feel.

Flannels Flannels are the ultimate versatile clothing item. Wear them just as a shirt. Wear an unbuttoned flannel over a T-shirt, or layer it under a cardigan. Channel your inner ‘90s grunge. My favorite flannel I’ve owned was from Kohl’s. They always have sales, which is helpful as a college student.

Thick Socks with Patterns These are lifesavers. Thick socks are a great thing to wear with combat boots that aren’t quite warm enough to wear in the cold. Wear a pair of Converse shoes and thick socks with a fun pattern to add color and personality to your outfit. Thick socks are a great (and cheap) way to keep warm in the winter and bring some variety to your wardrobe.

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