Styled & Studied: Bring the table to your wardrobe

Columnist Lauren Williams brings in the holiday with a look at Thanksgiving food inspiration.

By Lauren Williams | Nov. 25, 2015

Tags: Fashion Thanksgiving


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November has all but come to an end, and America has reminded us that Thanksgiving is the forgettable middle trapped in between the youthful Halloween and the wise, yet lovable Christmas. Being a fan of all that is turkey, I find the subtle upturn of the nose toward Thanksgiving quite harsh. Although Thanksgiving mainly centers around the gobbling of good game, the elements cooked up to create the flavorful feast bring an element of unexpected design from the table.

Pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and apple pie; notice a common theme? These lovable dishes have flavors and colors that bring warmth to any outfit.

Pumpkin is a really fun color. It's a nice deep orange that works great with a lot of skin colors. My favorite pumpkin pieces are oversized sweaters. They pair very well with gold jewelry and prints with heavy navy blue accents.

Cranberry is a sultry color. Like the sauce it adds a pop to anything you add it to. I love cranberry lips. They're so polished and sophisticated; very put together. When it comes to applying cranberry lips be weary of the run over. One hint of a smudge can be the biggest hassle to clean up. Dip a q-tip in some Vaseline and quickly swipe it away. Also, taking concealer that matches your skin color and tracing around your lips helps carve out a pretty pout.

Lastly, the wafting smells of delicious apple pie makes great for a warm smelling perfume. Alright, maybe you don't want to smell exactly like a fresh pie but look out for perfumes with vanilla, cinnamon or apples in order to obtain the warm effect.

That's all from me. Hope you all have a great break!

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