French folk singer Soko to play The Blue Note Oct. 8.

Photo courtesy Shannon Cosgrove

Soko comes to CoMo

The French folk singer will open for Foster the People at 9th Street Summerfest.

By Corin Cesaric | Sept. 16, 2014

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With a unique voice, meaningful lyrics and undeniable talent, Soko is just what the music industry needs.

“Vital and emotional. Raw and teenage-clumsy.”

That is how Soko describes her sound.

Soko is a French folk/indie singer with an original sound and intriguing lyrics. Each song conveys a different mood, but she always seems to connect with her listeners.

At the age of five, Soko’s father passed away. That same year, she started experimenting with music to keep her mind off of it. She began to fully devote herself to her music career when she was 20-years-old.

“I wanted to affirm my independence by self creating my own art, and music was just the easiest outlet for me, and it became a vital necessity from then on,” Soko says.

This fall, Soko will be performing at The Blue Note as the opening act for Foster the People. Needless to say, she’s pumped.

Despite the fact that Soko has performed for large audiences on countless occasions, performing live still comes as a shock to her.

“I feel both totally vulnerable and totally invincible,” she says of performing. “It’s where you really get to experience the immediate response to your songs, your world, the impact of what your words have on people.”

With the wide range of songs that Soko has, it is guaranteed that at least one of them will resonate with listeners. She writes each song herself and is influenced by everything around her.

“I spend a lot of time alone, writing,” she says. “I like sleeping a lot (because) I get really inspired by dreams.” (Soko’s new album, in fact, is called “My Dreams Dictate My Reality.”)

Although it is common for artists to get inspiration from their lives, Soko takes it one step further.

“Whatever I dream of, I follow that path,” Soko says. “Usually, it takes me to a good place, sometimes darker than others. But I get really inspired by the dark, and I love creating art and something more positive out of (it).”

So, what exactly can you expect from Soko’s upcoming show? Soko says she’ll be playing with her new band. She will perform material from her new, more upbeat album.

“The only goal is having a good time out there and connecting with (the) crowd,” she says.

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