Synth-pop duo Rose Quartz to open for St. Lucia Friday.

Photo courtesy Nicole Heyden

Rose Quartz hits Blue Note

Synth poppers to bring electro-cool to CoMo

By Mica Soellner | Sept. 16, 2014

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Trying to add a synthetic spin to your life? Electro-pop synth band Rose Quartz is the band that will get your electronic elements into gear. MOVE’s Q&A with the duo revealed some of the mystery behind this new musical horizon.

MOVE Magazine: Can you tell me a little about your debut? How did you get your start?

Rose Quartz: We have a three-song EP online right now. The upcoming album will be our first debut. We both played in a couple of electro-pop bands growing up, and we would fill in for respective band members playing with each other about two or three shows a weekend, and then we eventually decided to form one band of our own.

MM: Who are some of your major influences musically?

RQ Anything from modern dance music, modern R&B, old disco and classic R&B hits can have an influence on our sound. Growing up on punk rock and indie rock helped mesh together the influences from those and then noise bands, as well.

MM: How do you create your own unique sound?

RQ: Our sound probably comes from being unafraid to pull influences from completely different genres and pull them together. We like working with the prophets. Play the instruments that we really enjoy –– analog, synthesizer, outside of the computer — creating most sounds from scratch. We make our own snap and clap samples, while we still use 707 or 808 drum machines.

**MM: What do you want people to get out of your music?

RQ: Rose Quartz is actually the stone of unconditional love. We write about things people actually give a shit about: friends, lovers, things people can relate to. It’s intimate.

Alongside The Electric Sons and St. Lucia, Rose Quartz will be performing at The Blue Note on Friday, Sept. 19. Tickets are free to those who RSVP and $5 at the door the day of the show.

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