5-song playlist: Back to school

Buh-bye, Summer: five tracks to get you pumped for school.

By Marlee Ellison | Aug. 26, 2014

Tags: Music


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Get ready to get schooled, MOVErs. Here are five songs for making the transition back to class a little easier.

Le Loup –– “Beach Town” You’re (hopefully) glad to be back in CoMo and moving in — whether it’s into an old apartment or a dorm (oh, the woes of freshman life). Summer’s still been good to you, so you’ll be pining for breezy and idyllic tunes that keep this passing season in mind. There’s nothing that evokes summer more than Le Loup’s “Beach Town,” a lo-fi, layered track featuring dreamy crescendos and squawking seagulls.

Triathalon –– “All The Time” There’s a whole lot of musical genius coming out of Georgia these days, and four-man band Triathalon is a part of it. Their surf-pop melodies will help you get out of bed on the earliest of mornings as you re-establish a “normal” sleep schedule. “All The Time” is energized and infused with the right amount of catchiness; it’s a great concoction for those who need a little extra motivation to get their day started.

Temples –– “Colours to Life” There’s something bittersweet about Temples. As “Sun Structures” is the UK band’s first release, it’s pretty impressive to listen to the sheer amount of talent shining through it. Though their first album is nothing more than psychedelic rehash (molded ever-so-slightly by Brit indie-rock influences), it’s still a wonderful summer release. “Colours to Life” is perhaps the most cinematic song off this album, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for stepping on campus and enjoying its beauty before the flowers fade away.

Shlohmo –– “Empty Pools” This song has a melancholy lilt to it, characteristic of sweltering nights and slow change. The tempo is perfect for a much-needed chillout with friends (or someone you adore) before the intensity of school actually sets in.

Flo & Eddie (of The Turtles) –– “Keep it Warm” This batch of lyrical genius may sound dorky if you glance at the title, but the melody is well-known and catchy enough to have inspired Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade.” The words encompass angst, political alienation and existentialism in the face of life’s freedom — just a few themes that are common to many people returning to their college towns. Though the song was released in 1976, it’s applicable today.

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