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West Coast band Jelly Bread comes to the Midwest for the first time

Nevada rockers to play The Bridge August 20


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On August 20, west coast band Jelly Bread will be performing at The Bridge as part of their fall tour. Jelly Bread is a band made-up of four talented musicians and plays all genres of music.

While many say they are an alternative rock band, guitarist and vocalist Dave Berry says “The music we play, you can’t really categorize it, it's not just one style. We’re definitely a funk band, but play a lot of soul, rock, folky Americano and even some hillbilly.”

Jelly Bread was established a little over five years ago, founded by drummer/vocalist Cliff Porter and Berry. The two went to elementary school together.

“(Cliff and I) have known each other forever. We went our own ways and did our own thing but found each other back at home later in life,” Berry says. “We’ve been going ever since and have been playing together for about five years now.”

Berry and Porter have been switching up the members of the band ever since starting, but have stuck with the current line up for around two years. Bass/vocalist Jeremy Hunt and pianist/organist/vocalist Eric Matlock were the two new additions to the band in 2012 and have added a lot to the band, Berry said.

“Everyone comes from different backgrounds. It’s a really good blend of everything; style and personality,” Berry says. “We all like to have fun. We have fun on the road, work our butts off and have a good time.”

Jelly Bread is currently on tour and playing several songs from their latest album “Lessons Learned.” Berry said the album plays to the band’s strengths and is the first album with Matlock and Hunt.

“This album was a lot more modern than (previous album) ‘No Dress Code.’ Everyone did their ‘thang’ (sic) and we’re really happy with it,” Berry says. “We’re also real happy with every avenue and style that we touched upon and it shows who we really are.”

With the new album and its supporting tour, Jelly Bread hopes to expand its fan base. The band has never been to the Midwest, but this year they are coming not only to Columbia, but also to St. Louis, Louisville and several other new locations.

Berry says the band will continue its tradition of covering other songs in concert.

“One of the things we do really well and always get good comments back on is covering other band’s songs that we dig,” Berry said. “We get a melody from one of our songs and it comes out in a cover of a popular song. It catches fans off guard, but they love it.”

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