Alex Smith will play at The Bridge on July 23. Smith specializes in a bluegrass that he calls "sweet-folk."

Courtesy of Alex Smith

“We call it ‘sweat-folk.’”

Bluegrass rocker Alex Smith will perform at The Bridge on July 23.

By Nina Ruhe | July 8, 2014

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When you think of folk music, you probably think of low-key foot-tapping music instead of rocking out or rave music.

Think again.

“(I) call it sweat folk,” Alex Smith says.

New York bred-Smith is signed with Wepecket Island Records and tours as both a solo artist and with his band, The Mountain Sound. The band will be performing at The Bridge on July 23.

The band definitely has a bluegrass style, but with a different approach. The Mountain Sound is a non-traditional, high energy bluegrass.

Smith’s new album is inspired by his life growing up in the Adirondacks and what his hometown is like now.

His family was the biggest influence on his musical career.

“Music is a part of every family event. I almost didn’t have a choice,” Smith says when describing how he started his musical career.

The new album is named after the county Smith grew up in, Hamilton County.

“This new album is a bit dark and representative of the times up in the Adirondacks,” Smith says. “It’s a semi-impoverished area, times are changing and people are figuring out a way to make a living when times are changing.”

Even though some of his new songs are a little darker, he still plans to keep that “sweat-folk” title by connecting with the audience. Even though his music is about life in New York, Smith hopes people everywhere can understand the messages and connect with it.

Those going to the concert in late July can expect a lot of energy, a good time and great music.

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