Life, liberty and the pursuit of a summer soundtrack

Declare your independence from bad music with our rockin’ Fourth playlist.

By Morgan Magid | July 4, 2014

Tags: Music Party Summer


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When in the course of your Fourth of July festivities it becomes necessary to have a rockin’ playlist, MOVE’s got you covered.

Bruce Springsteen –– “Born to Run” There are few things more patriotic than New Jersey’s prodigal son. This classic Springsteen track is the perfect way to kick off America’s birthday with its rock ‘n’ roll overtones and underdog lyricism. Springsteen’s breakout hit is sure to please partiers of all ages.

Grouplove –– “Naked Kids” Spending your Fourth at the beach? Look no further than this older Grouplove cut to supplement your feel-good indie rock need. Here, the multi-vocalist group creates a bubbly sound that romanticizes all the highlights of summer into one lively track.

Modern Baseball –– “Tears Over Beers” Philly-bred Modern Baseball has become a darling in the punk world with its emo and indie influences combining for casual simplicity. This delightfully awkward track exemplifies the band’s youthful demeanor and superb guitar work that should make Modern Baseball a welcomed addition to your celebrations.

The Expendables –– “Down Down Down” How could you have a summer party without a little reggae? The beachy rhythms and smooth vocals produce an utterly relaxing atmosphere paramount for laying out poolside.

The Shins –– “Simple Song” Polishing off the playlist is one of the best tracks off of The Shins’ last album, Port of Morrow. As James Mercer serenades audiences with the deliciously upbeat line, “you’ll feel like an ocean being warmed by the sun,” a mounting beat will get you moving and grooving in no time at all.

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