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“x” marks the spot

MOVE reviews Ed Sheeran’s “Multiply”

By Maddi Doering | July 14, 2014

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Ed Sheeran, for those of you who haven't heard, is an adorable British singer. He became popular over the past year through his unique style of rap music with an acoustic twist. He states things as they are in his songs and is one of the most forward artists, telling you exactly how he feels.

"x" (pronounced “multiply”), Sheeran’s latest, shows a whole new style with songs like "Sing," which veers from his original sound. Don't worry, though, because his famous lyrical raps are still featured in songs like "Take it Back.” Just like his first album, “+,” “x” contains ballads, too, like "Afire Love" and "One.”

While other songs on the album have not yet become as popular, several are sure to become chart-toppers once they are discovered. His songs are always unique and a pleasure to listen to. Despite the uncharacteristically mainstream pop radio vibe of songs like “Sing,” the album is incredibly enjoyable to listen to and doesn't stray too far from Sheeran's individual style.

MOVE gives “x” 4 out of 5 stars.

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