Letter from the (MacK)editor: Summertime and the MOVEin’ is easy

By MacKenzie Reagan | June 6, 2014

Tags: Letters from the editor


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Hey MOVErs! It’s me again, your redheaditor, aka that snarky chick who sends you stupid puns every Tuesday.

Now that it’s June, I’m back home, keeping watch on things going on in our nation’s capital (jk lol I’ve been sitting here taking Buzzfeed quizzes while I pretend to read The Grapes of Wrath). Next week, I’ll start my internship, where I’ll be soaking up all sorts of journalistic wisdom from the lovely people at The Connection Newspapers. I’m beyond stoked to learn from real, live journalists and gain experience in my intended career.

That’s part of what makes summer so great –– you’ve got three months to learn, grow and change. Some of my friends are taking classes over the summer at MU or their local community college to knock out credits and get ahead in school. Others are traveling abroad to countries I’ve only ever seen in atlases to learn from other cultures. Some are working jobs, doing missions work, volunteering –– the list goes on.

Summer is a time to do things.

So walk into that office in which you’re interning like you belong (you do). Learn from the people there who have more experience than you. Learn from your (inevitable) mistakes. Learn about your field, learn about how to be professional, learn how to clean coffee stains out of your brand new white blazer (again, inevitable).

Study hard for those community college classes, even the ones that make you want to gouge out your eyes. Remember, no one is making you go to the best J-school in the world. Take pride in it and the chance to take J2000 or 2100 or whatever it is you have to wake up early for. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to receive an education and OWN college algebra.

Volunteer like there’s no tomorrow, because even the small things, the little things you think no one notices. They notice. You just might change someone’s life this summer.

Try new things you’ve never done before. Do old things you love to do. Do something amazing. Do something crazy. Do something bold.

Make a MOVE.

(But hurry up, MOVErs. Only three months ’til school starts).

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