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Klaxons’ New Rave

MOVE reviews Klaxons’ “Love Frequency"

By Huong Truong | June 6, 2014

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Resurrecting a new rave with an album full of pop dance songs, the London-based band Klaxons takes a jump back to their former soundings. The highly anticipated album brings much attention from ravers and DJs all over the world with its catchy, uplifting beats. Klaxons hope to gain the favor of a worldwide audience with a bizarre blend of today’s dance scene twisting together their signature rave synth with music compositions ranging from the R&B styling’s of “Show Me A Miracle” to the a more indie-punk “Children of the Sun.”

When the band started out, the Klaxons claimed to make a trilogy of albums, each based on the past, present or future. Their 2007 album “Myths Of The Near Future” pushed the band into the future while their second album, “Surfing The Void,” leaped back to the past with guitar music and a more punk feel. Although “Surfing The Void” was a big hit, the band felt that the album was a misstep not portraying the true music of Klaxons and hindering its gain of a wider audience. Putting three years into “Love Frequency,” Klaxons bring its audience back to the present core of its music, pop, rave, dance and synth. This album will be a flying success in the pop world. No doubt, many of Klaxons’ songs will be overplayed on radios and dance floors soon. Like the lyrics of “There Is No Other Time,” their music now plays in the present and “everything is moving forward.”

MOVE magazine give Love Frequency 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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