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Boston duo brings a breath of fresh Aer to Mojo’s

Aer will play at Mojo’s on Tuesday.

By Claudia Guthrie | April 1, 2014

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When a band breaks up, the members’ dreams to make music can suddenly seem unattainable. But not for David von Mering and Carter Schultz, who after their previous band dissolved, have gone on to find success with Aer.

In high school, the duo played in a rock band before the group went its separate ways, with only Schultz and von Mering remaining together.

“Our relationship formed pretty naturally,” Schultz says. “We were having so much fun with it; we saw no reason to stop.”

After the Boston natives came together in 2010, the duo produced EPs and mixtapes before releasing their debut album, The Bright Side. The album was released in 2012 and became No. 1 on iTunes’ Top Albums chart and a spot on the Billboard Top 200.

Schultz says seeing The Bright Side received so well was “surreal.”

“Having our own project that we had been working on, our baby, up there with a bunch of other big names was really cool,” Schultz says.

This past January, Aer released its second album. The self-titled album is a move away from the poppy songs found on The Bright Side and embraces deeper tones with songs like “Ex” and “Spades, Clubs & Diamonds.”

Schultz says they were responding to The Bright Side while working on their self-titled album.

“We’ve gotten older with our music and gotten older as people,” Schultz says. “The music has just continued to evolve with us. In terms of lyrical content, I’m more focused and I’m able to delve deeper into certain things.”

Despite the success of The Bright Side, von Mering says following up the duo's debut was not a very intimidating feat.

“I think just naturally we try to follow whatever we put out with something better,” von Mering says. “We’re always trying to one-up ourselves. I didn’t see putting The Bright Side out as adding any extra specific pressure, but there’s always pressure to just do better.”

Aer’s sound is hard to place. The duo combines elements of rock, hip-hop and reggae but doesn’t like to label themselves to any specific genre. Instead, Schultz and von Mering just like to call their music “feel-good.”

Their writing process varies with each song, but usually begins with a beat or instrumental.

“Sometimes we get high, sometimes we get drunk, sometimes we just chop it up and just talk about the content like any two friends would, just talk about a moment that one of us has been through,” von Mering says. “It’s just like any type of group effort, we just throw ideas around. We’ve made songs in a few hours; we’ve made songs over the course of four months, six months. It’s a bunch of different ways.”

Aer just wrapped up its Word of Mouth tour but is still continuing to play shows throughout the U.S. and Europe. Schultz and von Mering have a bigger tour coming up that will be announced in the summer.

Aer will perform at Mojo’s on Tuesday, and it promises the concert will be “a wild party that will be the craziest thing you have ever seen.”

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