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MOVE’s Valentine’s Day playlist

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or tied down to your S.O., you’re sure to love our Feb. 14 playlist.

By Amanda Nero | Feb. 11, 2014

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Whether you see it as V-Day or D-Day, it’s coming. So, rock whatever your relationship status on Facebook may be this Valentine’s Day and get down with some lovable tracks.

“Thirteen” — Big Star

Homage to adolescence, however near or far it may be to you, Big Star’s unadulterated story of what it is to be young and in love is the perfect V-Day reminder that just simply being with that special someone is as good as it gets.

“This Magic Moment” — The Misfits (cover)

The Ben E. King original of this song is formidable, but let’s be honest, you’re not 76 and this isn’t your wedding night. So let The Misfits’ version add a little mayhem to your young budding love, you crazy kids. Keep in mind a little rock ‘n’ roll is a powerful aphrodisiac.

“Love is Strange” — Mickey and Sylvia

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day if something from the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack weren’t played…

“Beast of Burden” — The Rolling Stones

This one goes out to all of you that try and try again, and get no place fast. Play this as you gaze across a crowded room towards the one you want, and hope that Mick Jagger can dot the I’s and cross the T’s you couldn’t. If his carnal voice accompanied by a groovy backbeat doesn’t convince your-not-yet lover they’re wrong about you, then you probably shouldn’t be trying to mate with them anyway.

“Ballers” — Gucci Mane

Twerking is in fact both a team and individual sport; making Gucci Mane’s must bump trap track appropriate to gyrate to with a partner or as a solo act on the big day. It’s comforting to know that if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day this year, Gucci will assume it’s because you have a fetish for boys that go get it and just couldn’t find one in time.

“Drunk In Love” — Beyoncé

Although you’ve probably already been bumping this in the days leading up to the precious V-Day, this remains a must play. If for no other reason than to investigate the logistics of what it really means for Queen B to ride something like a surfboard.

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