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MOVE reviews “Rose Ave.”

By Stevie Myers | Oct. 31, 2014

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Alecia Moore, better known for her badass “so what?” attitude under stage name P!nk, is no stranger to the limelight. As someone who spent the majority of the early 2000s jamming out to her “M!Ssundaztood” album on my CD player, I never would have guessed I’d see her team up with another of my favorite artists some 13 years later.

Dallas Green performs under the name City and Colour, a solo project he began in 2005 that features a blend of haunting, melancholy-laced rhythms paired with a voice that is simply unforgettable. It is clear that the two artists claim opposite genres, which is why they come together extravagantly in a collaboration they call You+Me.

Their debut album, “Rose Ave.,” combines rich, organic melodies that can only be described as perfectly harmonious and keep me listening to their songs on repeat. The overall instrumental aspect of the album is kept low, keying in on a more stripped version of the acoustic folk sound that City and Colour fans are used to.

Green and Moore alternate verses, coming together later in choruses and songs like “Unbeliever” and “Break the Cycle.”

Tracks like “Capsized,” which opens the album, make you skeptical over the fact that the album was written in such a short amount of time. The song features subtle swing and organ backgrounds, but like much of the album, focuses more on single guitar strums paired with the strong voices of Moore and Green that we are expecting.

“Rose Ave.” includes a track commentary, explaining the background and inspiration behind their intimate lyrics that left me completely enamored.

The best part of the album is the overall sense of familiarity and comfort between Green and P!nk that leaves listeners feeling a personal connection with the artists and constantly pushing the repeat button.

_MOVE gives “Rose Ave.” 5 out of 5 stars. _

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