Cold War Kids heat up

MOVE reviews “Hold My Home”

By Zachary Helland | Oct. 28, 2014

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Cold War Kids, an indie rock band hailing from Long Beach, California, released their fifth full-length LP, “Hold My Home” on Oct. 21. Fans of the Kids will not be disappointed with the band’s newest release. Frontman Nathan Willett continues to awe with his soulful voice backed by drummer Joe Plummer’s rhythmic drumbeats.

The band’s blues-infused style makes its music appropriate for all scenarios, from long car rides to reflective afternoons spent perched against rain-covered windows. Before the album dropped, the band released “All This Could Be Yours” as a single. Months later, the song is rated on Spotify as the band’s third most popular.

The sixth song on the album, “Go Quietly,” sings to the heart as a dramatic monologue by a man struggling to convince the girl he loves to stay with him, despite her desire for solitude. The uplifting piano rhythm and unique vocals provide an original twist to this clichéd theme.

For those who can’t relate to maintaining toxic relationships, “Hot Coals” tackles a more universal theme with lyrics like “Trying to unwind/To enjoy the good life/But the pressure that I hold on my shoulders holds.” Not the most upbeat lyrics, but they’re sung in a self-assured tone that’s almost inspiring.

The band’s guitarist, Dann Gallucci, is no Hendrix, but his simple chords fit perfectly with the band’s tranquil tone. Overall, this album is spirit-lifting and would go great with a cup of coffee on a thoughtful morning.

MOVE gives “Hold My Home” 4 out of 5 stars.

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