Five song playlist: Rainy days

A short collection of songs to accompany that mid-afternoon nap between classes.

By Hanna Yowell | Oct. 21, 2014

Tags: Music weather


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As MU students have most likely realized, it is not uncommon for all four seasons to strike campus within a very short time span. When a dreary, rainy day strikes, here are five selections to embrace your dampened spirits.

(Disclaimer: This list was compiled on a lovely, sunny day — however, the site was played simultaneously to ensure each would be an appropriate choice)

”To Build a Home” –– The Cinematic Orchestra Think this song sounds familiar? It probably is, considering this melancholy tune has been used in several TV shows, such as “Friday Night Lights,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Featuring Patrick Watson on the vocals, this song displays impressive contrast and harmonies between Watson and the piano and orchestra.

“Breathe Me” –– Sia Lyrical genius Sia crafted this vulnerable piece that combines the classical elements of an emotional song: soft piano and breathy vocals leading into a dramatic buildup with an intense orchestral backdrop.

“Murder in the City” –– The Avett Brothers The eldest Avett brother, Scott, takes this piece on as a solo, featuring just him and his guitar. At the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival in Columbia this year, a single spotlight shone on Scott and his instrument as he crooned this andante tune. Search for the performance of this song at Forecastle Festival in 2009 to re-create this festival atmosphere.

“Hallelujah” –– Rufus Wainwright If this song doesn’t remind you of a particularly depressing scene from a DreamWorks movie featuring a large, green ogre, did you even have a childhood? This version is a cover by Wainwright, originally by Leonard Cohen, but also has been famously recorded by Jeff Buckley.

“My Girl” –– The Temptations Just in case you didn’t remember that rainy days could actually be enjoyable, here is a classic Motown throwback that is a stark contrast to the other four selections. Maybe this jam will give you that extra bit of motivation to brave the storm and make it to that dreaded class on the opposite side of campus … or maybe to dance in the rain. Whatever brings you that sunshine on a cloudy day.

Bonus: “Dancing in the Moonlight” –– King Harvest Just because it is impossible to be gloomy after listening to this song.

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