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The Floozies to bring electronic duo to Mojo’s

Drummer Mark Hill talks about his aspirations, crazy fans and the upcoming show at Mojo’s.


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When: 9:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 12
Where: Mojo’s
Tickets: $8

Born and raised in Kansas City, producer/guitarist Matt Hill and his brother Mark decided to pursue music as a career only four years ago. In that short amount of time, they’ve gone from playing small, local gigs to playing in cities like Chicago and Atlanta.

In anticipation of their show at Mojo’s on Sept. 12, MOVE talked with drummer Mark Hill, the younger of the two brothers:

[MOVE]: When did you and Matt decide you wanted to pursue music together?

[Mark Hill]: About four years ago. We’d been jamming our whole lives, but basically Matt was doing gigs on his own at coffee shops in Kansas City. We had an idea to combine it with drums and it evolved from there.

[M]: Do you ever have complications working together as brothers?

[MH]: No, it actually really helps. We have similar visions for our music, and we don’t really disagree with anything, musically. Plus, if we ever get mad at each other, we get over it really quickly. When we’re playing live together, we’re on the same page.

[M]: What inspired you and Matt to produce electronic music?

[MH]: We’ve listened to funk our whole lives, so we approached it as funk. We decided to incorporate the computer because that opened up so many possibilities.

[M]: How would you describe your sound?

[MH]: The best way to describe it is an electronic funk orchestra done with two people.

[M]: How did you and Matt get started once you decided you wanted to share your music with others?

[MH]: We started by playing house parties in Kansas City. One of our most pivotal moments was when we set up on a street in Lawrence and just played for everyone. After that, my brother just started hitting people up to play out of town.

[M]: On Sept. 12, you’re playing at Mojo’s, here in Columbia. Have you ever played at that venue before?

[MH]: Yes, but we didn’t have as much momentum last time, so I’m definitely excited to go back there.

[M]: Do you have any funny stories about any of your recent shows?

[MH]: Actually, at Wakarusa this summer, a girl got on stage naked and started knocking my drums over. That was pretty weird. We have a routine problem with people wanting to get on stage…. I don’t know if it’s the music or what, but everyone just wants to get on stage and dance.

[M]: How did you and Matt choose the name “The Floozies?”

[MH]: It was a good, funny name that was different than all the serious electronic group names everywhere. We get sick of people taking themselves too seriously, and we wanted a name that would reflect that.

[M]: Any new music in the works?

[MH]: We are currently wrapping up a full-length album — our first one in a while, actually. It’ll be released in October, and it’s definitely the coolest thing we’ve done so far.

[M]: What are your goals for the future?

[MH]: Definitely just to keep playing as many places as possible. We would love to headline at Red Rocks (Amphitheatre) in Colorado, and I want to tour Europe. We just want to get down with as many people as we can.

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