Melodies to overcome poolside withdrawals

A motivational back-to-school playlist featuring Vampire Weekend, Young the Giant, Bronze Radio Return, M83, Atlas Genius and American Authors.

By Ellise Verheyen | Aug. 20, 2013

Tags: Music


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Getting to class can be a struggle any day of the week. Why walk all the way from Mark Twain to Anheuser-Busch when you could so easily lie in your little fortress of blankets while watching the latest season of "Parks and Rec" via Netflix? So how is it possible to overcome this lack of motivation? The answer lies in music. Everyone needs a quality playlist full of upbeat, head-bobbing tunes that help you arrive to class on time and in a great mood.

“My Body” — Young the Giant
Waking up to a shrieking alarm can be brutal, but Young the Giant provides the encouragement we need to get out of bed: “My body tells me no / But I won’t quit.” No matter how much your body aches when sliding out of your roast toasty bed in the morning, remember that you are in school for a reason and focus on the end goal.

“Shake, Shake, Shake” — Bronze Radio Return
College is a learning experience. I mean, after all, you are here to master a future profession. Bronze Radio Returns reminds students that, “It’s all what you make of it, take what you will / You know, know, know your only mistake / Is if you stand still.” The idea that life is what you make it is fairly common. "Shake, Shake, Shake" reiterates that if you strive to succeed, you will. On top of inspiring lyrics, it also has an indie/roots feel that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

“Midnight City” — M83
The best chance you have of making it to class in a timely fashion is to pick a walking song. This song doesn’t necessarily need to have many lyrics, but it needs to be a jam that makes you stride longer and faster. My personal favorite walking song is "Midnight City" by M83. With its '80s feel and sanguine tempo, it is nearly impossible not to strut your stuff across campus.

“If So” — Atlas Genius
The beauty of college is that you don’t need to know what you want to be yet. "If So" by Atlas Genius echoes this idea through its rapid lyrics: “Everybody’s taking what they can but they can’t decide.” So explore! Take classes that spark your interest and lead you to a promising future.

“Believer” — American Authors
“I'm a little bit sheltered / I'm a little bit scared / I'm a little bit nervous / I'm goin' nowhere.” Everyone is a little nervous for the future, but American Authors demonstrate optimism via this catchy tune stating: “I’m just a believer that things will get better.” Make this year your best yet.

“Campus” — Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend expresses exactly how most students feel getting out of bed on a crisp, fall morning in the first chorus of this poppy hit: “I wake up / My shoulder’s cold / I’ve got to leave here / Before I go / I pull my shirt on / Walk out the door / Drag my feet along the floor.” Dragging your feet in the morning is no way to present yourself on campus. People respond well to smiling faces and positivity. The song continues on: “Then I see you / You’re walking ‘cross the campus.” You can be someone’s reason for getting out of bed, so always have pep in your step.

Whether you need help getting out of bed or stepping out of your comfort zone, this playlist of animated tracks can provide the motivation you need to succeed. With inspiring lyrics and great beats, it’s nearly impossible not to dance and sing off-key to victory.

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