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Album Review: Sara Bareilles’ ‘The Blessed Unrest'

She may not wear a meat dress or be married to Jay-Z, but Bareilles’ new album proves she has one thing: talent to spare.

By Madison Feller | July 17, 2013

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In an age filled with auto-tuned bubblegum pop tracks, there’s something to be said for a classic female singer-songwriter. Enter Sara Bareilles and her brand-new album, The Blessed Unrest.

While I’m not going to even try to comprehend the confusion that is her album title (though I do love a good slant rhyme), Bareilles’ fourth studio album does have a lot of good things going for it — namely twelve catchy, dynamic songs.

Ever since she swept radio stations and playlists alike with her hit, “Love Song,” Bareilles has kept up her style of feel-good tracks and tear-inducing ballads. And The Blessed Unrest is certainly no different.

“Brave," the album’s first single, is the perfect roll-down-your-car-window summer song, complete with an inspiring message and an easy-to-remember chorus. The album is dotted with a few other upbeat tunes including “Little Black Dress,” “Chasing the Sun” and “Eden.”

However, it’s the quiet, unassuming “Manhattan” that makes the album flutter. In true Bareilles fashion, the bulk of the track is solely her voice, her piano and her sad love story. If I ever feel the need to make a dramatic exit at the end of a breakup, this will most definitely be the song I’ll play in the background.

So if you don’t mind a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster, I’d definitely suggest popping The Blessed Unrest onto one of your Spotify playlists, and hitting the road with the volume up and the roof down. Here comes the summer of Sara.

MOVE gives The Blessed Unrest 4 stars out of 5.

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