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Album review: Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Damage’

The latest from the rock band is musically fab, but lyrically drab.

By Brielle Gregory | June 12, 2013

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From the band that helped us navigate the murky waters of adolescence and inspired us to tackle those more advanced air guitar and head-bob routines comes the long-awaited album, Damage.

After six years of anticipation, Jimmy Eat World emerges with rhythms comparable to its Bleed American prime and sprinkles of melodic genius that would make a grown man swoon.

Yet for every great toe-tapping beat and gasp-inducing vocal is a lyric that rivals the early workings of a heartbroken Justin Bieber. Songs such as “Please Say No," “You Were Good" and “Byebyelove” not only sound like the same drowsy tune with (barely) different lyrics, but they also leave us pondering if lead vocalist Jim Adkins will next begin crooning about his newfound chest hair.

Luckily, for those of us who made it safely through those severely unfortunate teenage years, the band provides compensating tracks such as “Appreciation,” “No, Never” and “I Will Steal You Back,” giving us a taste of that signature Jimmy Eat World alternative style we all secretly crave.

Sure, the album doesn’t feature any victorious fist-thrusting hits such as “The Middle,” and sure, we’re still worried Jim Adkins stole some lines from our ill-written middle school diaries. But overall, Damage does a solid job of gifting us with a fine dose of rhythmic glory and catchy music magic.

MOVE gives Damage 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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