Sustainable listening for Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up Monday, prepare the ultimate eco-friendly playlist with these songs.

By Brendan Wray | April 18, 2013

Tags: Music


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"Light & Day / Reach for the Sun" - The Polyphonic Spree

You can't have a jam session during Earth Day without The Polyphonic Spree. "Light & Day" is the epitome of mother-nature-loving songs. Wake up to this song, and you'll be sure to smell the roses and start recycling again and again through the day.

 "Rise To The Sun" - Alabama Shakes

Confront your daily routine with Alabama Shakes' shake-worthy song. Instead of taking your car to class, ride a bike to the tune of one soulful singer. Plus, you can get that smug satisfaction when you combine working out with reducing emissions. Sounds like a win-win to me.

"Dirty Summer" - Mother Falcon

You can't celebrate Earth Day at all when you don't have a raucous band of instruments echoing in your earbuds. Mother Falcon will have you wanting to get outside in the spring air provided Missouri weather actually allows spring to finally happen. 

"Heartbeat" - Kopecky Family Band

All you want to do is fly a kite on Earth Day? Good. This song will get you in just the mood to swing down to Walmart and pick up the cheapest kite. Fortunately, the embarrassment of a broken kite on the quad isn't included. The intense childhood nostalgia is included, though.

"San Francisco" - Foxygen

San Francisco is a haven of vegans and nature-lovers. So while we are stuck in the middle of Missouri, let's just pretend that we're talking about sustainable farming, global warming and the new hip coffee shop down the street in San Fran.

"Coast to Coast" - Waxahatchee

Look, Earth Day is like any other day. If you happen to get lucky, Waxahatchee's got your back in the bedroom department. Plus the song mentions coasts. That's Earth Day-themed, right? 

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