Loud Minded: A soundtrack to the underdog of the week

Music columnist William Schmitt on putting Tuesday to music

By William Schmitt | Feb. 7, 2013

Tags: Music


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Through my cross-cultural journalism and modern philosophy classes, I have learned that I know nearly nothing. I am inundated with doubt and certain that certainty is a fool’s treasure. 

On days when these doubts are fiercest, I find a cozy nook and escape through the cover of a book. I have always admired the abilities of storytellers like Mark Twain, the likes of whom can create rich dreamscapes for readers to inhabit and explore. I am a woefully inexperienced novelist, and my short story game is not really up to scratch as I have spent most of my time to this point writing essays, either for class or for life.

But I’m going to try something new here. I would like you to make an attempt to tell a story primarily through songs. To assist me, as you read this, play the appropriate song and imagine yourself at that particular point in my imaginary day. 

I’ll begin on a Tuesday morning. Tuesday seems to be the most unacknowledged of days — this is not a new theory of mine as I have once devoted an ode to coffee to the idea of Tuesday.

"Be (Intro)" - Common

You stir as the strings do: a slow luxurious stretch and one last immersion in your blankets before you hop out of bed and discover the pace of the day. The beat builds slowly through breakfast and a shower, and you are gathering energy, mentally preparing for life outside the walls. You step outside and it is absolutely gorgeous. Today is Tuesday, but it is a classic Sunday in appearance with only the telltale wisps of cirrus clouds to prevent your sky from being as blue as a distant sapphire.

"Share With Me The Sun" - Portugal. The Man

You're walking to the first class of the day, and the number of Tigers on campus seems to have doubled since yesterday. It’s finally a little warmer — thank goodness for that — and the general trend seems to be shedding coats in favor of light jackets. The bravest flaunt their recent gym sessions despite goosebumps.

"Overheater" - Tobacco

Oh, no. No, no, please no. You did not know there would be a quiz today, and you are not prepared at all. Your brain shoots into warp speed as you frantically search the sparse walls of Middlebush or Waters for anything to inspire inspiration. You don't end up doing so hot, but you’re done now.

"Blue in Green" - Miles Davis You’re feeling down, and your GPA is now wounded. Better get over to the Student Center for lunch.

"Rosa Parks" - OutKast

Ah, that is so much better. You consider dropping out of school to start a business around the restorative powers of pizza. Something about the vibrant spice of the pepperoni and the reassuring warmth of the saucy cheese has the sparkle back in your eyes. Everything seems vivid and comfortable. You’re definitely ready to hit up that class. Not only will you breeze through the lecture, but today might be the day your crush notices you.

"Her Theme Song" - TiRon & Ayomari

There she is. You swear she’s the most attractive woman ever to descend from her Olympian heights. You get a little lost in her hair before snapping to immediate attention at the back of the chair next to her when she gives a hint of a turn. The lecturer’s drone becomes indistinguishable from the murmur of the couple to your left, and you begin to doodle while imagining candlelit dinners with Ms. Angel.

"Got ‘Til It’s Gone" - Janet Jackson

You absentmindedly follow her out of the hall, and she is greeted by a man you presume to be her boyfriend. Better walk really fast in the opposite direction, just in case they notice you.

"Laptop Therapy (Jackie Blue)" - Charles Hamilton

Finally, you’re back home. This Tuesday really sucked, but you’ve got your laptop and an empty apartment. Better order another pizza to wash down your sorrow as you turn up the tunes.

"Vanished " - Crystal Castles

You dance around the empty space between your room and the kitchen. Your feet stomp away the troubles of the day, and you are suddenly the most graceful being in town. You clean yourself up and lay yourself down.

"The Light" - CunninLynguists

Suddenly, everything is better. Your space heater is your best friend, and you can catch a glimpse of the sliver of moon that remains out your window. Eight hours until you’re ready to tackle Wednesday.

Thank you for reading.

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