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Q&A with Matt and Kim

MOVE chats with Matt Johnson about touring, packing and shoes.

By Savannah Kannberg | Feb. 21, 2013

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Fact: All of last semester, the sweet sounds of “Daylight” by Matt and Kim were heard in the office after every issue of MOVE Magazine was exported. No Thursday night was complete without it. So, explaining that to Matt Johnson, half of the Matt and Kim duo, might just be the highlight of the year for MOVE. Plus, we got him to laugh.

[MOVE]: What songs do you hope to play during your set?

[Matt Johnson]: We really scatter it out from everything we’ve done. We’re still trying to get the range of everything. As well as a little from all of our albums, we also put in bits and pieces of hip hop covers and things like that where we just play 30 seconds of recognizable songs. I feel like as a live band, we kind of come close to a DJ set sometimes.

[M]: How does it feel to be touring with Passion Pit?

[MJ]: I remember meeting them years ago at some party for Vice, and I remember I had been drinking quite a bit (laughs) ... I remember just rambling on, I don’t know, but they seem like good dudes. I’ve ran into them at a festival or two since, and I feel like there’s a lot of parallels and a lot of fans who like both of our bands. If I go on iTunes and people who have bought Matt and Kim have also bought these albums, like Passion Pit. I think it’s been coming.

[M]: What’s your favorite Passion Pit song?

[MJ]: I’m quite into their recent single, "Take a Walk." You know, [it's] sometimes hard for a band with its sophomore album to bring it again, but I think they did a great job.

[M]: Who would you most like to tour with next?

[MJ]: Well, that’s tough because one tour we were very excited to do was the tour with Blink-182 last year I think, and as an opening band, that was really great. It’s weird, it’s not always our favorite band that’s the perfect fit. You know, I’m a huge Kanye West fan but I don’t know if opening a tour would go over great or whatnot.

[M]: What's it like being on the road as a couple?

[MJ]: For us, it’s definitely easier. We have a touring crew (member) who had to leave a wife and child and things like that at home when they’re on the road for months at a time. So for our purposes being on here with your significant other is really helpful. Really, any relationship I’ve been in in the past, we would have murdered each other long ago with all the time we spend together. You know, I feel very lucky that Kim (Schifino) and I are able to spend the kind of time we spend together. We are very civil about it.

[M]: Do you start packing early?

[MJ]: No, when you live your life perpetually coming and going, you already kind of know what you’re going to have. This one’s sort of easier, it is winter so we know to pack warm. Sometimes we have to pack to go on to other continents for tour and we don’t know what to pack for; we have to pack for some of everything. Now, I’ll probably take care of that the night before.

[M]: Who brings more shoes on tour?

[MJ]: I have to say Kim. She fulfills her feminine role there. She, of course, brings two pairs of shoes that she actually wears commonly throughout and then probably about another eight pairs of shoes that she probably never wears but needs just in case. I feel like she’s only come into that in the last few years. Before that we were like, “Oh, we just brought a pair of Chucks,” so that was that. But things change.

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