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From 'Boy Meets World' to 'Girl Meets World'

As the premiere of 'Girl Meets World' quickly approaches, we take a look back at 'Boy Meets World.'

By Sara Higginbotham | Feb. 14, 2013

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If you’re as faithful a “Boy Meets World” fan as I am and still cannot get enough of Cory and Topanga — even 13 years after the series ended — then you have definitely heard about Disney’s new series “Girl Meets World." The show will feature preteen Riley Matthews, the sweet and sassy daughter of elementary-school sweethearts Cory and Topanga.

I, personally, have always wondered what happened to the beloved original cast of “Boy Meets World”. For the new show, Cory and Topanga are rumored to be the parents of two children. But what happened to Shawn, Morgan, Feeny and the rest of the gang? I want to make some educated guesses about what happened to our favorite characters. Don’t stake your life on these words, but this is what I think happened after the end of Season 7.

Toward the season finale, Cory and Topanga finally got hitched and spent their honeymoon in "Paradise," almost making the decision to live there forever and carve celebrity coconut heads for a living. I predict that Cory and Topanga are now living in New York, which is where they decided to go in the season finale.

Cory is a stay-at-home dad, never one cut out for the cutthroat world of business, and Topanga is a lawyer. They are both slowly but surely figuring out how to be parents. Topanga seems to have a knack for parenting, but Cory is often dazed and confused in the world of his teeny-bop daughter. He is still trying to get into the swing of this “being an adult” thing.

When we take a look at Mr. Feeny, he has finally retired from a long, successful teaching career in Philadelphia. He still keeps up with his favorite students from the past, bestowing upon them life advice and coveted wisdom. (Flashback to his last piece of advice to Cory in the BMW series finale: “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.” What a gem.) His favorite hobby is still gardening in his backyard right alongside the Matthews household. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of him taking the trash out in his robe some evenings. Because what’s better than seeing your teacher in a robe?

At some point in the original show, Eric wanted to become a hobbit, but that dream — fortunately — never came to fruition. Always involved with women who already had children, Eric is now a counselor, often picking up those women and taking them out for post-session coffee dates. He’s happy with this career for now, but he will most likely follow some new, insane dream sooner rather than later. Remember when he almost ruined but technically took Cory and Topanga’s wedding to a whole new level? Thank you, Mr. Peterman.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Angela and Shawn are still attempting to figure out their relationship. Sometimes they’re crazy in love, but most of the time Angela wants to throw something at Shawn. They’re trying to make the long distance thing work while Shawn sorts out his life back in Philly, and Angela pursues her dreams in New York.

Morgan has grown into a sensible young woman. Always the little sis and the butt of Cory’s jokes, Morgan is now in a serious relationship, dreaming of marriage and a lifetime of success. She still checks in on Cory to poke fun at his father-daughter adventures.

Let’s not forget Minkus, the nerdy kid at Cory’s school who always turned out to be right about everything. He’s a millionaire now. Yes, he’s one of those kids you knew everyone would end up working for someday. Huzzah for the nerds of the '90s!

As for Alan and Amy, Cory’s loving parents, grandparenting has become a great pastime for them in their retirement. Alan has taken up a train hobby while Amy often drops in on Cory and Topanga, still missing her once-full house. These empty-nesters are definitely keeping busy.

Although the original “Boy Meets World” days have passed, superfans can look forward to the return of Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel in “Girl Meets World." Rowan Blanchard, who had a role in the last Spy Kids movie and in "The Back-up Plan," will play their daughter. We can probably expect a few special appearances from our other favorite BMW characters, as well. The premiere date of the show has not yet been released, but you can bet your buttons “Boy Meets World” fans everywhere (and probably their children, too) are eagerly awaiting the pilot episode of the new show.

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