Manchester Orchestra debuts a new studio album in 2011 titled Simple Math. The indie rock group will be at The Blue Note on Friday night.

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Manchester Orchestra rocks its way to The Blue Note

Manchester Orchestra to play The Blue Note on Friday

By David Freyermuth | Nov. 19, 2013

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When: 8:30 p.m. Friday Where: The Blue Note Tickets: $16-19

Two years after its last tour, indie rock group Manchester Orchestra is bringing its unique sound to The Blue Note.

At the beginning of November, the band hit the road for a fall tour, playing back-to-back sold out shows. After the release of its third studio album, Simple Math, in 2011, Manchester Orchestra is back and finishing up a new album.

MOVE talked with lead singer Andy Hull about being back on tour and all the new things in store for fans:

[MOVE]: How has the tour been going so far?
[Andy Hull]: We’re one night in, but sold out, and tonight’s (Nov. 9) sold out, too. I think that’s as good as it can go. It’s really great. We’re just really happy to be playing again and seemingly being well received.

[M]: What’s it like after not touring for the last couple of years?
[AH]: We did a lot of touring with Bad Books and with my solo stuff, but this has always been our favorite thing to do. It’s pretty rad. We definitely took our time making a new record and didn’t want to rush anything. We’ve gone so hard for about seven years so it was nice to take a little bit of time off and really nice that people stuck around.

[M]: What makes a Manchester Orchestra concert a unique live experience?
[AH]: I think it’s a super heavy, dynamic show. It’s probably one of the louder shows you’ll go to. We just pride ourselves on trying to put on the best possible show without any tricks and stuff like that.

[M]:What’s one of your favorite songs to perform live?
[AH]: We’re having a bunch of fun playing this new song called “Cope.” I really have been lucky to enjoy our tunes. I don’t dislike any of our records, and so I don’t really have a favorite. But it has been cool running some stuff we haven’t played in a really long time and kind of dusting off some oldies.

[M]: What else will fans see that’s new on this tour?
[AH]: Certainly three or four new songs. A lot of old stuff from our first record. We’re kind of trying to play a “greatest hits,” in our opinion, of the coolest songs from the records.

[M]: You said there were three or four new songs. Is that writing toward a new album?
[AH]: Yeah, we just finished up our new record last week. We’re trying not to play too much of it because it’ll be a minute before it comes out, but it’s always kind of refreshing to play. But we haven’t played together in so long that even the old songs feel new.

[M]: Is there anything else you’d like to add about this tour?
[AH]: The two opening bands are really great. We just suggest people get out early, and come check them out.

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