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Catch Radin and his soothing sound at The Blue Note

After being on tour for more than a month, the performer is bringing his opening act to Columbia.

By Madison Feller | Nov. 13, 2013

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Singer-songwriter Joshua Radin is bringing his acoustic sound to The Blue Note, where he’ll open for Matt Nathanson, next Tuesday.

Even if you've missed hearing Radin's tunes on television shows like “Scrubs” and “One Tree Hill,” don't worry. Radin says he's taking this tour to branch out and attract some new fans. But before bringing his folksy sound to Columbia, Radin chatted with MOVE about his new album, Wax Wings, and the best fan tattoo he's ever seen:

[MOVE]: Can you tell us a bit about your new album?

[Joshua Radin]: It's the story of a relationship, a romantic relationship. And it's meant to be cyclical, without a beginning or an end.

[M]: Is it difficult to perform songs about emotional experiences?

[JR]: It gets easier every single time you do it. It's like ripping a Band-Aid off, and when you keep ripping it off, it gets a little bit easier to do.

[M]: What is your favorite song to perform?

[JR]: “You Got Growin' Up to Do.” It's my favorite song I've written. I wrote it in like 15 minutes, which never happens for me. It's usually a labor, but that one just poured right out. In that sense it was the easiest, but it was the hardest because I wrote it 30 minutes after I broke up with my ex-girlfriend.

[M]: Do you and Matt (Nathanson) have any surprises during the show?

[JR]: I can't speak for him, but I just get up and get in as many songs as possible. This tour, I've been playing a couple of songs from every record. I'm not just trying to promote this (new) album, but I'm trying to promote me.

[M]: You sang the wedding song for Ellen DeGeneres. If you could have anyone sing your wedding song, who would it be?

[JR]: Yeah, she and Portia wanted to use one of my songs for their wedding song, and they called me up out of nowhere and asked if I would sing it at their house. It was so surreal. And let's see, I've never thought about that. I'd probably do my own wedding. I'd probably write my wife a song and surprise her.

[M]: On your Instagram, you share fans’ tattoos of your song lyrics. Do you have a favorite that you've seen?

[JR]: I actually haven't posted this yet, but there was one guy that we met in Boise, Idaho, and he pulled off his shirt, and he had lyrics from “No Envy No Fear” written across his chest backwards so he could read it in the mirror.

[M]: Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know?

[JR]: I guess I'd just like anyone who reads this to know that I only started playing music about nine years ago. I was kind of just like, I want to try this. I think the moral of my story is it's never too late to try something new.

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