Rob Uymemura is in his eighth week at Broadway Brewery. Uymera was recently hired as the executive chef.

Kevin Mathein/Senior Staff Photographer

Broadway Brewery refreshes for the season

New executive chef brings local produce and a fresh fall menu to Broadway Brewery.

By Fan Feng | Nov. 11, 2013

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Where in downtown Columbia can you find a restaurant that brews its own beer and provides fresh, healthy food? Look no further than Broadway Brewery.

Located at 816 E. Broadway, the restaurant just revamped its menu to welcome autumn.

“We are shifting from vegetables to meat,” co-owner Walker Claridge says. “A lot of meat.”

New executive chef Rob Uyemura has been cooking for 25 years, and he is in his eighth week at Broadway Brewery. Living in St. Louis and commuting to Columbia twice a week, he says the biggest change he brings to Columbia’s dinner table is the local food from small farms where he knows every producer.

Now, it is a trend for people to eat local food and know what they are eating, he says. As the owner of Local Chef StL, a company that makes foods grown by small local farmers and producers easily accessible to St. Louis-area residents, Uyemura does his best to help people avoid processed food, meat from mistreated animals or meat with antibiotics.

“We started tasting week (Nov. 4) with the change of new appetizers,” Uyemura says. “Next week are pizzas and salads, and the following week will be entrees. We will have totally turned over by three weeks from now.”

The food theme will be Missouri-style American food with heavy German influence. Dishes will shift from summer vegetables to winter-style cooking.

“We are bringing heavier foods and comfort foods, and focusing on bar-type foods,” Uyemura says.

With the new menu, customers will also know what is the best beer to go with each dish. Two bestsellers, Uyemura says, are Porter and Organic Honey Wheat. There is also a seasonal special that satisfies autumn tasting buds called Pumpkin Smash.

Stop by the restaurant and take a fresh and healthy bite of autumn.

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