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Album review: Blue Sky Black Death’s ‘Glaciers’

The instrumentalists impress with their newest release.

By William Schmitt | Oct. 3, 2013

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Blue Sky Black Death is Kingston and Young God, two producers on the West Coast who make instrumental arrangements that resist definition. Their latest release contains five tracks, each with a corresponding Roman numeral for a title and each an adventure in its own right.

The first two tracks feature vocal contributions from space-pop group Child Actor. The ethereal crooning from the Boston group combines well with BSBD’s gargantuan beats to form sounds that are equally angelic and monstrous in both tone and rhythm. Listening to the music is like swimming in a warm pool of blackened water or perhaps like watching a fleet of lightning bugs fornicate in the middle of a dust devil.

It bears mentioning that the songs are lengthy, with the shortest of the quintet clocking in at eight minutes. If you do not have the attention span for novels, you may find that listening to Glaciers teaches patience.

Perhaps more important is the faith I found in myself, a renewed belief that I could let a song go on forever and still trust in a pleasant finale. Blue Sky Black Death has created a series of songs that will send your consciousness whirling around your skull before gently re-lacing your skull and tucking your mind beneath dense, lush layers of beautiful music.

MOVE gives Glaciers 5 out of 5 stars.

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