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Album review: Best Coast’s ‘Fade Away’

The garage rock duo once again fails to live up to its hype.

By Joe Cristo | Oct. 28, 2013

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The real problem with the current state of indie music is that it’s dishonest: the vintage, low fidelity recording techniques of yesteryear coupled with a Spectoresque approach to songwriting leave an unnerving stench of pretension and contrived pedantics.

The best case scenario for Best Coast: after its sunkissed lo-fi debut, Crazy for You, and its letdown of a second LP, The Only Place, the band releases a forward-looking EP that can signal a shift towards more “honest” tunes — music that comes from a less awkward place than some poorly recorded Beach Boys B-side rip-offs.

To be as brief as possible, the title track is a top-notch The Jesus and Mary Chain impression, “This Lonely Morning” is alright, and “I Don’t Know How” is complete garbage. Everything else is rife with a sense of underachievement that makes the band’s past as a promising upstart group of young soundsmiths seem somewhat misguided.

Best Coast, and Bethany Cosentino especially, seem completely at ease with the fact that the group’s career as a band is progressing sideways. Always searching for that middling, time-tested, boring, unadventurous, timid, predictable, not bad but not very good sound, Fade Away is really just another entry in a long line of underwhelming releases from a band that once showed so much potential.

MOVE gives Fade Away 3 out of 5 stars.

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