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‘Pale kid’ raps his way to The Blue Note

YouTube rapper to bring talents to Columbia

By Varun Bajaj | Oct. 15, 2013

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Where: The Blue Note When: Friday, Oct. 25 Tickets: $15

In January 2011, a video on YouTube entitled “Pale kid raps fast” went viral worldwide. The kid, George Watsky, exploded on the Internet, earning more than a half-million subscribers on YouTube in just two years.

Now known simply as Watsky, he’s started his own label and is working on his third world tour. The “Hug a Hater” tour, with fellow YouTube rapper Wax, is stopping in Columbia on Oct. 25.

“You’re not gonna know exactly what to expect from the YouTube videos,” Watsky says. “YouTube videos are a big part of what I do, but there is no way you can replicate a live performance experience online.”

Known for climbing the rafters and crowd-surfing at every show, Watsky tries to keep it lively at each of his performances. In his first two shows on this tour, Watsky tore his pant leg and did an entire show with a fallen-out cavity filling.

“After we sound checked, I found one of these strip mall’s dentist’s office and got Novocained up, and I played the show with a mouth full of Novocaine,” Watsky says.

Even though they’ve never collaborated, Watsky and Wax are enjoying each other’s company on tour.

“He’s an amazing performer,” Watsky says. “I love his material. We have a lot of joint material and crossover with our fans. I think there’s a lot of complementary aspects to what we do, but we’re different enough to where I think it’s nice and very chill for the people who come.”

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