‘Big’ artist to hit Columbia

EDM duo prepares for upcoming show at The Blue Note.

By Mark Kim | Oct. 1, 2013

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When: Sunday, October 13

Where: The Blue Note

Cost: $17 - $20

Known for their fusion of electronic beats and jazz music, Big Gigantic has received massive acclaim for its music. Its most recent album, Nocturnal, charted at No. 2 in electronic album sales on iTunes. The group has also performed at Bonnaroo, Summer Camp Music Festival, Lollapalooza and other festivals.

With its concert at The Blue Note approaching, MOVE talked to Jeremy Salken about the group’s beginnings, tour and influences:

[MOVE]: How did you guys first meet and come together?

[Jeremy Salken]: We both lived in Boulder, Colo., for years and we played in various bands around town. Dom (Lalli) used to play for this band called “The Motet.” He used to make tracks on the side on top of being a jazz musician playing saxophone. We kind of talked about doing the electronic scene but with more instruments over it and improvising and doing what we do in a normal situation but with a DJ format. He started making some tracks and then was like, “Dude, I want you to play drums over these songs.”

[M]: What variety of obstacles have you encountered and overcome throughout your journey in music?

[JS]: We were literally starting from scratch with this project. Nobody knew us. We also barely had any money. We used to max my credit card to get flights or rent cars to make it to shows so we could play in front of people. We felt like if we played our music at shows, people would be receptive to it and like it.

[M]: What’s your favorite album?

[JS]: I like all of them. It’s like picking a favorite child.

[M]: How is your current Sky High Tour?

[JS]: We love being on tour. West Coast tour was freaking awesome. We’re getting amped up to go to the Midwest, North, Southeast, etc.

[M]: You guys also linked up with two other big name EDM artists, GRiZ and Gramatik, to form Big GrizMatik. How was that experience?

[JS]: We did Summer Camp and Electric Forest (together). GRiZ has come on the road with us before. We’re good friends with him. We’re great friends with those guys (from Gramatik). It was a great set of shows and hopefully we can have more soon.

[M]: What artists influence the sound of your music?

[JS]: Our influences range from other producers to jazz guys — you know, composers, writers. Everything literally. He kind of takes all of it in and thinks about what he’s gonna do.

[M]: What are your future plans?

[JS]: We’re working on a new album right now, and it should be out by the beginning of the (new) year. We’re playing a bunch of those new tracks on tour so those guys that come out will get a bunch of new shit. We’re mainly working on the album and then we hit the road again next year.

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