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Randy Rogers Band to bring a little Texas country to The Blue Note on Thursday

The Randy Rogers Band will get outlaw-country on your radar.

By Maggie Angst | Jan. 31, 2013

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When: Thursday, 9 p.m.

Where: The Blue Note 

Tickets: $12 in advance, $15 at door

Growing up in the heart of Texas, Randy Rogers found a love for country music at a young age. He created the Randy Rogers Band with a few local musicians about 13 years ago. Although the original band members have moved on, the band members you’ll see at The Blue Note this week have been performing together for almost 11 years.

“Our first album together with the current band members was Rollercoaster in 2004,” Roger says. “Each starting with separate musical careers, we came together and split up roles even-steven.”

Since then, the band has received a great deal of critical acclaim for its unique sound and its members' musical talents. In summer 2007, Rolling Stone ranked the band alongside groups like U2 and The Rolling Stones in its Top 10 Must-See Artists list.

Throughout their careers, the members of the Randy Rogers Band have played alongside legends like Gary Allan and Willie Nelson.

Rogers says, after growing up in Texas, playing with these artists is a dream come true.

Numerous bands and singers, including Nelson and The Beatles, influence the band and its music, says Rogers.

But unlike most country bands on the radio today, The Randy Rogers Band is a true Texas country music group. The band uses fiddles and a mandolin to balance its outlaw-meets-traditionalist sound.

“All of us play on every single record,” says Rogers, who does the lead vocals. “One big way that we’re different is that our band is full of actual studio musicians, instead of just a road band. There are very few of those coming out of Nashville today.” 

The band’s newest album, Trouble, is set to come out in April. It’ll be a change of pace from the band’s previous music as they focus on deeper issues and personal conflicts.

“Expect to be impressed and surprised,” Rogers says. “Big names like Willie Nelson appear in different tracks within the album.”

Having completed the band’s eighth album, Rogers says the members have grown as musicians. As the band’s primary songwriter, Rogers writes 80 to 90 percent of its songs. He hopes to become a better songwriter as his career continues.

“I think that the more the more you play, the better you get,” Rogers says.

The band performs about 200 shows every year, so Rogers says when it hits Columbia in February, college students will have no problem enjoying themselves.

“You’re gonna want to make sure and bring your beer,” Rogers says. “And party hats.”

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