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Take a ride with The Cab

Up-and-coming pop rockers co-headline Thursday's show at The Blue Note

By Heather Finn | Aug. 10, 2012

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The best things in life are never planned.

Maybe that’s why The Cab’s lead singer, Alex DeLeon, took his own “Living Louder” lyrics to heart while in Philadelphia two weeks ago and leaned down to kiss a stranger from the front row.

“I totally believe in spontaneity. I feel like when life gets predictable, it becomes not life at all,” DeLeon says. “My mom can’t stand it. My mom tells me all the time, ‘You have to plan. You have to know what you’re doing.’ I’m like, ‘No, I don’t.’”

It’s that go-for-it attitude that’s gotten The Cab (officially including DeLeon, pianist/guitarist Alex Marshall and bassist Joey Thunder) to where it is today. After years of hard work, the Las Vegas band can boast collaborations with the likes of Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie and Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, songs featured as downloadable tracks on Rock Band 2, two co-headlining tours, and some serious radio play of their single, “Bad.”

And that’s not even mentioning that The Cab is about to live every pop rock band’s dream: this fall, they’ll be headed overseas to open for today’s kings of pop, Maroon 5, on their world tour.

“We’ve just been working really hard for six years,” DeLeon says. “Just all the pieces finally came together. When they were looking for a young band that would fit well with their music and help overseas, I think we were a good option.”

Things haven’t always gone so smoothly for The Cab, however. The band left their label in 2009 (their sophomore album, Symphony Soldier, was completely self-produced) and, ever since the beginning, when DeLeon started playing coffee shops with a few friends back in high school, quite a few band members have come and gone.

“We’re 22 years old, so we’re still in the age where we’re figuring out who we are. Some people just go different directions in life, and you’ve got to wish them the best,” DeLeon says. “The thing about our band is we’ve always gotten stronger.”

Which they have. Despite the ups and downs they’ve experienced, The Cab has maintained a dedicated following and is currently touring the U.S. as a part of their co-headlining show with their good friends Parachute.

“We’ve always wanted to tour together, but it’s never lined up. Then I went and visited Nashville, and (Parachute's Will Anderson and I) just decided we needed to make it happen,” DeLeon says. “It’s a cool tour because it’s different. Like, they’re definitely more about the song. You know, stripped down. And we’re very rhythmic and kind of in-your-face and aggressive.”

According to The Blue Note talent buyer, Peter McDevitt, Columbia is more than ready to see this dynamic duo hit the stage together.

“We definitely think that there are people in Columbia that want to see The Cab play, and they want to see Parachute play,” McDevitt says. “And typically those people would be the ones lining up several hours before we open.”

And The Cab doesn’t forget those people.

“It's been truly an honor (and) blessing meeting all of you before/after these shows on tour. Let's keep it up. Thank you guys!” drummer Dave Briggs tweeted, via the band Twitter account.

Obviously, the band gives a lot more than just stage time to their fans.

“The other night, I was out until almost three in the morning meeting every single kid,” DeLeon says. “Without our fans, we wouldn’t even be able to be a band. The least we can do is take a few minutes out of our day and hang out with them.”

So what does the future hold for The Cab? There’s the rest of the tour with Parachute, the Maroon 5 world tour, a new album scheduled to be written upon the return home...Ultimately, things can only get bigger and better from here.

“One day, we want to be headlining the places we’re playing with Maroon 5, you know?” DeLeon says. “So we’ll see.”

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