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Minus the big label machine

10 Years goes on tour to promote the first album from the band's own label.

By Paige Carlson | July 10, 2012

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Following the successful release of the 2010 album Feeding the Wolves, hard rock band 10 Years is out on the road again. The group also recently broke from its record label to form its own: Palehorse Records. MOVE recently caught up with drummer and guitarist Brian Vodinh to talk about touring, Palehorse and the band's unique sound.

[MOVE] When did you guys first start playing together?

[BV] We actually met back in high school. We started working together our junior year. Well, except for Jesse (Hasek), our singer. We picked up Jesse in 2001, and we’ve been doing this ever since.

[MOVE] Would you say that you guys have similar musical influences?

[BV] Yeah, I would definitely say that we have some similarities. Though we can be kind of all over the place sometimes. We have a common love of a lot of heavy, dark and melodic hard rock. We like everything from classical to classic rock to Bjork.

[MOVE] How would you define your sound?

[BV] It seems like there are so many genres out there these days. I remember we were talking to some kids at one of our shows, asking them who their favorite bands were. They started listing off all of these bands and types of music that we had never heard of, and it was just crazy! I guess if I had to define it, then I would say melodic hard rock.

[MOVE] So let’s talk about the Minus the Machine tour. What is that like?

[BV] We actually have our first show of the tour tonight. It's only a month-long tour, but we went out for a couple weeks before this. It’s harder for us to have long tours now because we all have families. We don’t tour as much as we did when we were in our mid-20s.

[MOVE] What would you say the best part of touring is?

[BV] I’d say the best part is definitely talking to the fans. When you find those fans, the truly genuine ones, and they tell you a story about how a song has changed their life or influenced them, it’s great. We write songs that are deeply personal, so it’s really amazing to see how people feel the same way. Those stories really wake us up.

[MOVE] You guys recently broke from your record label to start your own — what has that been like?

[BV] I’d say it’s the best thing we could have ever done. This new album finally feels like us again. We went with our passions, and there wasn’t any oversight from a big record company. Every song on this record is there because we absolutely love it.

10 Years is currently out promoting its newest album, Minus the Machine, and will be playing on July 22 at Pop’s in Sauget, Ill. Tickets are available for $15 now or $17 on the day of the show with a $2 minor surcharge.

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