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Your finals eating schedule made easy

Put that 15th energy drink bottle down, and take care of yourself for finals week with these recipes.

By Hailey Yeakle | Dec. 7, 2012

Tags: Food


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9 a.m. — Chow down on hard-boiled eggs and whole-grain toast to perk up before a long day of studying. Eggs will give you the protein you need to really focus and feel full while the complex carbohydrates in toast will give you energy to fly through the day. And pour a hearty cup of coffee. You’ll need it.

11 a.m. — Snack time! Instead of cruising down to the vending machine, give your body what it really needs: yogurt with a sprinkling of nuts! The creamy yogurt is packed full of healthy probiotics which will keep your immune system going strong during these stressful times. The nuts aren’t just a crunchy topping but also rather another blast of protein to help you power through the mid-morning study drag. 

12 p.m. — Lunchtime is fun time! Well, probably not on study days, but you can change all that by making a yummy wrap to munch on while memorizing. Try out some whole-grain flatbread to keep energized and load that baby up with veggies and lean meats. 

3 p.m. — You’ve been studying forever, and I bet you’re a tiny bit hungry. Eat a light salad with green tea. Leafy greens help keep the brain healthy and ready to go while green tea may increase memory and your level of awareness, says Melinda Smith of And who wouldn’t want to have better memory right now?

6 p.m. — You’re in the home stretch! Make yourself some whole-grain pasta with a tomato-based sauce. The pasta will give you the last little push you need to finish the job while the tomatoes are filled with carotenoids which Dr. Drew Ramsey of says help protect the brain from damage. Your brain is your only weapon during finals. Keep it sharp and ready to go!

8 p.m. — You did it! Now it’s time for a yummy reward for all your efforts.  Melt down some dark chocolate for a tasty dipping sauce for pretzels or nuts. Need another reason to dig in? Research conducted at the University of Nottingham suggests that eating chocolate can help you with short-term memorization. Go on, eat up, you’ve earned it!

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