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Daymoths play The Bridge next Thursday

MOVE spoke with Emily Dantuma of the indie-pop duo, which will play Nov. 22 at The Bridge.

By Mollie Barnes | Nov. 8, 2012

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The couple that jams together, stays together — just look at Minnesotan indie-pop duo Emily Dantuma and Ollie Dodge of Daymoths for proof.

[MOVE]: So, the other half of Daymoths is your husband. What's that like?

[Emily Dantuma]: We don't have to leave our significant other at home, which I think is nice because that's often the hardest part of touring for people. We get to have that home life on the road.

[M]: What came first, the band or the relationship?

[ED]: The relationship. The band came shortly thereafter, and we've been in a couple of bands together now. This is the first one that's just the two of us on the road mostly.

[M]: Why did you guys decide to break off on your own?

[ED]: We just made a decision to free our schedules up and live a meager lifestyle so we could spend a lot of our time on tour and just try it all the way and be a musician. Other bandmates are more dedicated to being at home for family life and school and things like that. We love working with other people, so if someone else wanted to not ever have any money — [laughs] — and be on the road all the time with us, we'd take them.

[M]: What do you think influences your music the most?

[ED]:  We listen to a lot of music. I love going out to see music. I guess a lot of our lyrics are about a lot of nature and big picture-oriented. Lately I've been listening to a lot of metal, but I don't know that it directly influences it.

[M]: Do you play a lot of cello in your songs?

[ED]: I do on my recordings. Just about every song has some cello on it. One of our plans for our new album is to incorporate more of the cello and even to incorporate it into our live show. I think that would be fun.

[M]: What have been the hardest parts about making your new album?

[ED]:  We're just at the baby stages of it. We just have the one single recorded. The hardest part is finding the time and the money but as far as the writing goes, it's been exciting.

[M]: What's your favorite song to perform live?

[ED]:  It's always changing. The new single has been going over well, "Terrible Beauty." It has a really fun noise, and we just get to rock out, which we never really get to do, so that's fun. It always tends to be the newest one.

[M]: What can we expect from your show at The Bridge?

[ED]:  We will be right at the end of our tour, so it should be super tight. We are excited to be back at The Bridge. We were there last May, but it should be fun. We're super excited to be coming back to Columbia and just to play music.

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