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Q&A with Badfish

This Sublime tribute band hits The Blue Note Wednesday

By Liz Brown | Nov. 5, 2012

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Do you pine for Sublime, even though the SoCal band split up 16 years ago? So do the members of Badfish -- so much so that they dedicated their band as tribute. In preparation for the concert, MOVE interviewed drummer Scott Begin to get an inside look on what makes this tribute band one of the biggest in the music business.

[MOVE:] Where does the name "Badfish" come from?

[Scott Begin]: "Badfish" is a name of one of Sublime’s songs. We adopted it.

[M]: How long have you guys been together?

[SB]: We’ve been together for 11 years. We perform all year round. We’ve been a full-time touring band in the past few years.

[M]: What kind of music are you playing?

[SB]: The music of Sublime is considered to be rock or reggae music, also other genres like hip-hop and punk rock. Sublime is considered to be a rock-reggae band.

[M]: How did Badfish start?

[SB]: We started as college students. When I met the other guys in school, we had the idea to form the tribute band because we were fans of Sublime. There hadn’t been any tribute band playing at that point. We figured that was something people would want to see. We just gave it a shot, and it took off.

[M]: What makes you different from other bands?

[SB]: We’re one of only a few bands doing a Sublime tribute kind of show. We’re the busiest band doing what we’re doing. We really put emphasis on a high-energy, fun live show and give it all onstage with the goal of helping the audience to have a good time and the best time they’ve had. We focus on putting on the best live show we can put on.

[M]: What's the band dynamic like?

[SB]: It’s good. Touring full-time is like anything else -- it has its ups and downs. It’s an interesting lifestyle, but we manage to get along pretty well. We enjoy doing what we do and carry that onstage.

[M]: What’s the legacy of Sublime?

[SB]: Sublime’s legacy is a very strong legacy. Their music is still popular today, and it’s been 16 years since they’ve stopped being a band. The fact that it’s still popular kind of proves their music has longevity, and they’re just one of those bands that never sort of faded out like other bands did. Sublime’s popularity continues, and that demonstrates how good their music is. They just have great music, and people continue to pass it down to younger siblings. There are a lot of people who were pretty young when Sublime started, so just seeing them there in the audience now speaks to how good Sublime really is.

[M]: What do you want people to remember about Badfish?

[SB]: We’d like people to know that we take what we do seriously. We try to put our all into Sublime songs, old and new ones. We put our all into every performance and our shows are a bunch of fun. We want people to know they’ll have a blast guaranteed. We want people to get out and enjoy our music.

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